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Shenmue 3 gets a new story DLC next week

Shenmue III is getting a new DLC next week which adds more quests. The Story Quest Pack has Ryo crossing paths with Shuqin Zhang.

Posted 13 days ago by Sean Carey 1

Report suggests a single PS5 unit costs $450 to manufacture

A report from Bloomberg suggests Sony is struggling to keep the costs of the PlayStation 5 down due to scarcity of components. Sources have told Bloomberg that a PS5 unit costs around $450 to manufacture.

Posted 13 days ago by Sean Carey 11

Infliction Trophy List Revealed

We have just picked up new trophies for Infliction. There are 20 trophies, 5 of which are hidden.

Posted 15 days ago by Rich Stone 0

Space Channel 5 returns on PlayStation VR later this month

Space Channel 5 returns later this month, but only to PlayStation VR. Ulala, a reporter for Space Channel 5, has to out-dance an alien race known as the Morolians in order to defeat them and save the Earth.

Posted 15 days ago by Heidi Nicholas 3