Avoid these unobtainable platinums in the Black Friday PS Store sale

Be cautious of these unobtainable platinum trophies in the Black Friday PS Store sale of 2023. There are 4 broken trophy lists to avoid!

Avoid these unobtainable platinums in the Black Friday PS Store sale
Sean Lawson

Sean Lawson


Update: Since posting this article we have uncovered that the Warm Snow trophies are also bugged and the platinum is not obtainable on PS5 or PS4. You can see the full list of unobtainable, discontinued, and broken platinum trophies below!
There are several discontinued, bugged, and unobtainable platinum trophies in the Black Friday PS Store sale of 2023, so keep your eyes peeled as you search the store. If you need further guidance, check out our guides on every unobtainable platinum trophy PS5 and every unobtainable PS4 platinum trophy guides to find all the broken trophies across both consoles.

The Black Friday PS Store sale has 4 broken trophy lists

There are only two discontinued platinums and one broken DLC trophy list in the new PS Store sale. All in all, this sale is pretty devoid of broken and unobtainable platinums — something we will not complain about. This sale follows the PlayStation Indies sale that only has the Dollhouse trophies to be cautious of. However, this sale does contain one of the best racing games on PS5, so that's awesome!
Games in the current PlayStation Black Friday sale will be available to purchase at a reduced price until Friday, November 27, 2023. So, have a browse of the sale and make sure to take note of all the games listed below with broken trophies. Please note that all games have been taken from the PS Store in North America and Europe.

All unobtainable PS5, PS4 platinum trophies

All discontinued PS5, PS4 platinum trophies

All broken or discontinued PS5, PS4 DLC trophies

The Agents of Mayhem platinum is no longer obtainable due to a server closure that has impacted the trophy 'Contract Thriller,' which asks you to complete 15 Connected Contracts. The trophy that is causing issues in Assetto Corsa Competizione is the silver trophy 'Special,' which tasks you with getting on the Special Event leaderboard. However, the last person to successfully unlock this trophy was in February of 2023, making it look as though, for now at least, the trophy is discontinued.

The Warm Snow platinum is unobtainable due to the gold trophy 'Impeccable' which is awarded for unlocking all the Buddha states in the game. Unfortunately, this is currently impossible to do and we will need to wait for a patch to be able to attempt this trophy.
When it comes to Torchlight III, the Cursed Captain DLC has been bugged since its launch and the trophies have never been obtainable. Thankfully, if you are still interested in the game, the platinum that accompanies the base game is still obtainable and a good time to earn, if you're up for the challenge that is!

That's all the unobtainable platinums and bugged trophy lists in the current PS Store sale! If you want some easy and actually obtainable trophies, check out our easy platinum trophies guide. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!
Written by Sean Lawson
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