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Wandersong Trophy List Revealed

We have just picked new trophies for Wandersong. There are 20 trophies, all of which are hidden

Posted 1 year ago by Sam Quirke

Shadow of the Tomb Raider Trophy List Revealed

Lara is stealthier and deadlier than ever before in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and we've been promised more challenging gameplay too. Do the trophies reflect the changes? Check them out here!

Posted 1 year ago by Sam Quirke

Spider-Man Trophy List Revealed

Insomniac's exciting take on the web-slinger is one of the most anticipated titles of the year, if not the generation. Our Spider-sense is tingling... has the trophy list finally arrived?

Posted 1 year ago by Sam Quirke

Exclusive: ONRUSH Trophy List Revealed

ONRUSH will be racing onto the PlayStation 4 on June 5th. Today, we are delighted to team up with our friends at Codemasters to exclusively reveal the game’s full achievement list.

Posted 2 years ago by Dave Horobin