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How to Add Your PlayStation Completion Time Estimates

If you've browsed any of our game pages or game lists, you'll no doubt have seen the completion time estimates already, but if you're not aware how to add your own estimates, this guide will show you how.

Posted 4 months ago by Dave Horobin, 1 comment

Find Quick and Easy PlayStation Game Completions Using TrueTrophies

A question commonly seen on our social accounts comes from people who want to find quick and easy game completions. Thankfully, we have game filtering and sorting options to help you out.

Posted 5 months ago by Dave Horobin, 10 comments

Share Your PlayStation Gaming Progress With TrueTrophies Twitter Integration

For the second part of our site help feature, we're going to show you how to use our Twitter integration to auto-post trophy wins, started games, completed games and a host of other updates to your Twitter account.

Posted 6 months ago by Dave Horobin, 4 comments

Explaining Your TrueTrophy Score

For our first site help story, we're going to explain the TrueTrophy scoring system, which for our newer members can be a little bit confusing.

Posted 6 months ago by Dave Horobin, 12 comments