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Sony's PlayStation State of Play: All announcements in one place

The State of Play showcases live streams showcasing some of Sony's upcoming PlayStation titles for PS5 and PS4, as well as PS VR2 games. Here is everything announced, revealed, and said at State of Play in one easy list.

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PS VR2 gets intriguing double announcement

The PS VR2 is fast approaching PS5 consoles and with each passing month more information spills out into the world. Recently a whole host of juicy details were unveiled about the VR headset and its many new functions.

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PS5's new update is hiding a PS VR2 secret

PlayStation 5 has a new update in beta currently that adds folders and 1440p support. Amongst that excitement, players found references to PS VR2 suggesting that Sony is preparing the hardware for virtual reality compatibility.

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Sony teases PlayStation VR2 user experience details

Sony is preparing to release a new virtual reality headset. To tease the PS5 compatible device, the PlayStation VR2 user experience has been detailed showing new features like broadcasting modes, see-through modes, and play areas.

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Broken NDA leads to PlayStation PSVR 2 leak

Sony has kept the new PlayStation VR2 under wraps for quite some time now, with NDA's ensuring gaming studios don't leak any images or information about the new PSVR 2 — until now.

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Killzone PS VR2 shooting for launch release — report

A new report claims that PS VR2 might be getting a Killzone game at launch. Sony apparently started work on a new title in the franchise in 2019 with Supermassive Games, before pulling it in-house.

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PS VR2 won't be short on games at launch

PlayStation VR2 was brought up during a recent financial call and it looks like there will be plenty to play on launch day. In fact, over 20 PS VR2 games will be supported by PlayStation Studios and third parties.

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WRC Generations developer says it is "always thinking" about PS VR2

PlayStation VR2 is a "very interesting" prospect for WRC Generations developer KT Racing, but the creative director seemed to confirm that development would be tricky. The PS5's DualSense is a must for the developer, however.

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Medieval Dynasty developer wants you to farm goats on PS VR2

Medieval Dynasty is a village-building sim-survival game set in the Middle Ages that has earned plenty of plaudits. Developers Render Cube and Spectral Games are seemingly aiming for a PS VR2 launch after Meta Quest 2.

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Moss: Book II review round-up

Get out your PlayStation VR and start nabbing those Moss: Book II trophies, because the game has finally been released. How did the platforming mouse Quill fair critically, though?

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PlayStation VR2 event rumoured as secretive emails sent — report

PlayStation VR2 has been unveiled from stem to stern, but we are yet to see the device in operation or on someone's head. That time might come soon, though, as new emails suggest a proper showcase is around the corner.

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PlayStation VR Spotlight: Moss: Book II

Moss: Book II is the big PlayStation VR game of 2022 launching on March 31st. We speak to Doug Burton, senior designer at PolyArc, to get insight into how the game was made, the trophy list, PS VR2, and more.

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PlayStation VR2 release set for Q1 2023 — report

PlayStation VR2 could now be set for a Q1 2023 release after a new rumour claims that the virtual reality headset's release window has slipped from late 2022.

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PlayStation VR2 headset revealed

PlayStation VR2's headset has finally been revealed in the first images of the hardware on the PlayStation Blog. The headset matches the PS5's aesthetics with a dual white-and-black finish, with a single USB-C wire from the rear.

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Sony's PlayStation VR2 eye-tracking tech still being negotiated

Sony's PlayStation VR2 components are still being negotiated, eye-tracking tech partner Tobii AB has confirmed. This suggests that the next generation of virtual reality has yet to officially hit the production line.

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New Horizon PlayStation VR2 game will "change what AAA means for VR"

PlayStation VR2 game Horizon Call of the Mountain was revealed yesterday alongside the specs of the new virtual reality headset. After a bit of concern over the trailer, ex-Guerrilla Games dev Chris James made some bold claims.

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PS VR 2 rumours suggest headsets will enter production soon

PlayStation VR 2 was announced last year, but since the controller reveal, there has been no new info from Sony. Now, manufacturing rumours have suggested that the headset is entering full production thanks to a hardware supplier.

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Poll: Are you interested in VR on PS5?

Are you excited for a new generation of PlayStation VR? Let us know by voting in this week's TT poll, and by having your say in the comments.

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Sony reveals next-gen PlayStation VR controllers

Sony has revealed the new controllers that will be replacing the Move wands as the go-to interface for playing VR games on PlayStation 5, and they look very nice indeed...

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