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Predator Hunting Grounds Launches April 24 2020

Announced during Sony's State of Play, Predator: Hunting Grounds will launch on PS4 on April 24, 2020. We also got treated to a new trailer that features a female Predator.

Posted 4 months ago by Sean Carey 1

Death Stranding - "The Drop" Promotional Trailer

A new cinematic trailer for Death Stranding has just dropped. In the trailer, we see more of Sam Porter Bridges running across another rugged landscape while being chased down by enemies.

Posted 6 months ago by Sean Carey 1

Try the Dragon Quest Builders 2 Demo Today

Combining block building and RPG mechanics, the game features new characters, a new standalone storyline, and a massive world for players to explore and shape as they desire.

Posted 10 months ago by Rebecca Smith 0

TAITO Returns to the West with Ninja Warriors

TAITO Corporation has announced they'll be returning to western consoles and bringing several of their well-known IPs with them, starting with Ninja Warriors.

Posted 10 months ago by Rebecca Smith 2

Fall Guys Is a Chaotic and Colorful Battle Royale Platformer

If you can't get enough comical physics playgrounds like Human: Fall Flat and Gang Beasts, you need to bookmark Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout in your brain and browser. It's a wild descent to first place.

Posted 10 months ago by Mark Delaney 1

The Latest Ratalaika Game Might Not Make It To Vita

Ratalaika Games have earned a reputation in the trophy hunting community for publishing games with super quick and easy Platinums -- and making them available on Vita and PS4. The next one is proving trickier to port.

Posted 10 months ago by Sam Quirke 4

Shenmue 3 Has Been Delayed... Again

You've waited for Shenmue III for 18 years. Surely you can wait a little longer? That's what Yu Suzuki is betting on, as the game has been pushed back to the end of the year to make final "refinements".

Posted 10 months ago by Sam Quirke 8

Judgment Combat Trailer Shows a Different Use for Chopsticks

Depending on whether he needs to take out his enemies one by one, or deal with a group of thugs at once, Yagami can switch between two fighting styles -- Tiger and Crane -- and they're both on show in the new combat trailer.

Posted 11 months ago by Rebecca Smith 0

The Last of Us Part 2 Reportedly Delayed to Early 2020

Earlier this week, rumours circulated that The Last of Us Part II would be released later this year. Now it looks like the rumour may be false. Kotaku's Jason Schreier has claimed that the game has now been delayed to early 2020.

Posted 11 months ago by Rebecca Smith 5

Death Stranding News Teased for Tomorrow

With Sony not in attendance at E3 this year, it seems like Kojima Productions is gearing up for a DEATH STRANDING announcement sooner rather than later.

Posted 11 months ago by Rebecca Smith 1

Blood & Truth Trailer Wants You to Live The Game

Despite the instruction given by the trailer's "Live The Game" title, I wouldn't advise you do any of this in real life. Instead, watch how you'll be able to accomplish all of these tasks with the help of PlayStation VR.

Posted 11 months ago by Rebecca Smith

Final Fantasy VII Remake Will Still Arrive in Multiple Parts

Square Enix confirmed that they're having to review a lot of content while bringing the game up to scratch, and this means that they'll be sticking to their original plan of bringing the game to players in multiple parts.

Posted 11 months ago by Rebecca Smith

Relive The Tale Of MediEvil In A New Story Trailer

Sir Daniel Fortesque returns for a blast into the past with the upcoming MediEvil. Remade from the grave up, take a look at the newly released story trailer to find out what the game's about and also check out some gameplay.

Posted 11 months ago by Ashley Woodcock

RAGE 2 Trophy List Leaked

Thanks to a source who has leaked the PlayStation 4 trophy list, we can at least get a glimpse at what the title's trophies may well entail.

Posted 11 months ago by Rebecca Smith