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The best PlayStation games too good for a single PlayStation console

PlayStation has a long and fabled history and with that comes a legacy of fantastic video games and series that have defied the grasp of any single console, be it PS3, PS4, or PS5. This is our list of the best PlayStation games.

Posted 1 month ago by Kes Eylers-Stephenson 0

Everything you need to know about PlayStation Stars

PlayStation Stars is Sony's free-to-join loyalty program for PS5 and PS4 players, allowing trophy hunters and PS Store shoppers to earn points which can be traded for rewards.

Posted 2 months ago by Lee Brady 0

PlayStation Stars waitlist is finally over for many US players

PlayStation Stars has now been out for over two months, which means many registered North and South American users will finally be off the dreaded waitlist and free to start earning points via Sony's loyalty scheme.

Posted 3 months ago by Lee Brady 0

Poll: What, if anything, intrigues you about PlayStation Stars?

PlayStation Stars launched worldwide this week, and while it's not on PS5 or PS4 just yet, players have been accruing rewards on the PS App already. So, we have to ask — what, if anything, is drawing you to PlayStation Stars?

Posted 5 months ago by Lee Brady 20

PlayStation Stars launch gives first look at Sony reward scheme

PlayStation Stars has launched in Asian territories, and we've got an early look at Sony's reward scheme. PlayStation users can sign up to Stars and earn points towards rewards from game purchases and earning 'specific' trophies.

Posted 5 months ago by Lee Brady 6

PlayStation Stars programme not Sony NFTs for PS5, PS4 players

PlayStation Stars is Sony’s new rewards programme for PS5, PS4 players who unlock trophies or achieve certain tasks. The ‘digital rewards that the company has touted are most certainly not NFTs despite fan concern.

Posted 8 months ago by Kes Eylers-Stephenson 4

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