Stumble Guys’ PS5 platinum trophy launches during Fall Guys exodus

Stumble Guys' PS5 and PS4 platinum trophy has been revealed at just the right moment to really hit Mediatonic's Fall Guys where it hurts.

Stumble Guys’ PS5 platinum trophy launches during Fall Guys exodus
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


With its early access beta coming to an end, PS5 and PS4 players will finally be able to collect some free-to-play Stumble Guys trophies on PlayStation. Also, now that Stumble Guys' PS5 and PS4 platinum trophy has been revealed, we really have to marvel at the timing of this free PS5 game's launch. If ever there was a time for Stumble Guys to take on its competitor Fall Guys on PlayStation, it has to be right now.

Stumble Guys platinum trophy on PS5 and PS4 revealed

Stumble Guys first hit the PS Store in April 2024 and has been quietly racking up attention ever since. However, I have to admit — the lack of trophy support was definitely keeping me from giving this game my full attention. Well, as of Stumble Guys' full PS5 and PS4 launch on Tuesday, May 14, 2024, that will no longer be an issue — the free-to-play game finally has a platinum trophy to earn on each platform.
If you've never heard of the game, Stumble Guys first launched in 2020 on Android just a few months after Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout launched to massive success on PS4. While it evidently started life as a mobile clone of Fall Guys, it has since expanded into something a bit more unique, adding kart racing and first-person shooting modes atop the standard platforming knockout gameplay.

Still, if there's one title that Stumble Guys will be aiming to unseat from its high spot on the PlayStation Chart, it's undoubtedly Fall Guys. To that end, the timing of Stumble Guy's PS5 and PS4 launch couldn't have been better, as we recently reported that Fall Guys' PS5 player count has hit a big downturn in 2024.
Recent changes to Fall Guys — particularly the decision to prioritize user-generated content over its own well-curated platforming stages — has seemingly led to a number of long-time players leaving the game behind. This could leave former fans of the online platformer looking for another free-to-play game on PS5 and PS4 to fill the void. Thus, the stage is set for Stumble Guys to make big gains on PlayStation.

Of course, it all depends on just how well Stumble Guys is able to capitalize on its PS5 and PS4 launch and keep PlayStation owners interested in the content it has on offer. One glance at the game's trophy list certainly makes it seem like there's plenty to do, with 23 trophies being set aside for surviving each of the game's base levels.

If you want to unlock Stumble Guy's platinum trophy, you'll also want to keep playing the game for a while. Trophies for collecting 1,000 in-game Stumble trophies, playing 300 levels, and unlocking all kinds of cosmetics should prove pretty time-consuming. Plus, you'll also actually need to take first place and beat all the other players at least five times, which is never particularly easy in any of these battle royale games.
Check out the rest of Stumble Guys' trophy list below to see what you'll need to do to platinum this free-to-play game.

Stumble Guys trophy list

Name Description
Stumbler!!!!!!!! Collect all trophies icon
Champion! Finish 1st out of 32 players icon
Battler Play 300 levels icon
Trophy Collector Earn 1,000 Stumble trophies icon
I See Stars Earn 500 stars icon
Leveling Up Earn 10,000 XP icon
Stand Out Unlock 40 unique skins icon
:) :P Unlock 20 unique emotes icon
Show Off Unlock 10 unique animations icon
Eat My Dust Unlock 5 unique footsteps icon
Express Yourself Change your Stumbler color icon
Master Champion!! Finish 1st out of 32 players 5 times icon
Rush Hour Advance or win on Rush Hour icon
Bot Bash Advance or win on Bot Bash icon
Paint Splash Advance or win on Paint Splash icon
Block Dash Advance or win on Block Dash icon
Jungle Roll Advance or win on Jungle Roll icon
Rocket Rumble Advance or win on Rocket Rumble icon
Lost Temple Advance or win on Lost Temple icon
Laser Tracer Advance or win on Laser Tracer icon
Super Slide Advance or win on Super Slide icon
Space Race Advance or win on Space Race icon
Lava Land Advance or win on Lava Land icon
Bombardment Advance or win on Bombardment icon
Honey Drop Advance or win on Honey Drop icon
Stumble Soccer Advance or win on Stumble Soccer icon
Lava Rush Advance or win on Lava Rush icon
Floor Flip Advance or win on Floor Flip icon
Over and Under Advance or win on Over and Under icon
Cannon Climb Advance or win on Cannon Climb icon
Pivot Push Advance or win on Pivot Push icon
Humble Stumble Advance or win on Humble Stumble icon
Icy Heights Advance or win on Icy Heights icon
Spin Go Round Advance or win on Spin Go Round icon
Tile Fall Advance or win on Tile Fall icon
Stumble Expert Advance or win 100 levels icon
Round & Round Spin 50 wheels icon
Social Butterfly Use 100 emotes icon
Will you be checking out Stumble Guys now that the game has received a full PS5 and PS4 trophy list? Or will you be sticking with the premium offerings that populate our PS5 multiplayer games list? Let us know down in the comments below!
Written by Lee Brady
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