Resistance Retribution reveals an absurdly easy PSP platinum trophy

Resistance Retribution's PSP platinum trophy has been revealed, and it's easily one of the easiest platinum trophies to earn on PS Plus Premium.

Resistance Retribution reveals an absurdly easy PSP platinum trophy
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


The Resistance Retribution PSP platinum trophy has been revealed with the game's arrival on PS Plus Premium, alongside 27 other Resistance Retribution trophies to unlock on PS5 and PS4. Moreover, it looks like the first Resistance trophy list to drop in nearly 12 years is by far the series' easiest to complete, which means we've got another super easy platinum trophy to add to our PSP games list.

Resistance Retribution PS5, PS4 platinum trophy revealed

With the Resistance Retribution PS Plus Premium leak finally confirmed, our hopes were high that we would see developer Bend Studio maintain its stellar track record of bringing classic PlayStation games to PS Plus with full trophy lists.
Now, with Resistance Retribution's launch on the PS Store on Tuesday, February 20, 2024, we can confirm the game has arrived on PS5 and PS4 with 28 trophies to unlock — none of which are hidden. That Bend Studio; it's hard to imagine a more dependable PlayStation Studio right now.

Looking over the Resistance Retribution trophy list, it's safe to say this one will find itself on the PS Plus easy platinums list in no time. Besides the platinum trophy, all but four of the trophies are related to completing the story, which means you just have to play the game to unlock them.

Resistance PS PlusNow live on PS5 and PS4!

The four remaining trophies are perhaps some of the easiest targets I've ever seen in any game, let alone the rather challenging Resistance series.

On your travels, you'll need to kill 50 enemies (something you'll probably do without thinking about it) and use the Auger WS 100 times (presumably this means 'shoot through walls 100 times,' but it could mean 'get kills' or simple 'fire this gun' 100 times). You'll also need to use 10 different weapons (just fire everything in sight at least once) and die at least one time.

I think it's safe to say that we expect this platinum trophy to have a fairly high completion rate on PSN, but don't let that dissuade you from checking out this beloved Resistance spin-off on PS5 and PS4. Check out the full Resistance Retribution trophy list below.

Resistance Retribution trophy list

Name Description
Retribution Paid Unlock all trophies in Resistance: Retribution icon
Grayson and Cartwright Together Again Complete 'Burning Skies' icon
Who Dragged You off the Scrap Heap? Complete 'Crash Site' icon
I'll Relax When the Sky is Safe Complete 'Industrial Area' icon
A Moment to Relax Complete 'Gun Tower' icon
I Kind of Like You Complete 'Street Entrance' icon
Stay With Me Complete 'Waterfall Chamber' icon
I'm Having Fish Tonight Complete 'Underground Complex' icon
You Call That an Angel? Complete 'Incubator Chamber' icon
I'm Not in Your Army Remember? Complete 'Construction Zone Mech Ride' icon
I Love What You've Done to the Place Complete 'Built Trenches' icon
This Worksite Is Closed. Permanently. Complete 'Construction Zone' icon
Started the Evacuation Complete 'Casemates' icon
Burrowers Always Leave Something Behind Complete 'Luxembourg Lower Tunnels' icon
Finish the Serum Complete 'Science Lab' icon
Great Shooting Grayson Complete 'Defensive Bunkers' icon
Catacomb Caper Complete 'Paris Catacombs Upper Tunnels' icon
I Really Hate Mallery... Complete 'Paris Catacombs Lower Tunnels' icon
Buried a Burrower Complete 'Abandoned Processing Center' icon
I Still Plan to Kill All of Them Complete 'DNA Storage Facility' icon
So That's Why It's Called a Hammer Complete 'Chrysalis Lair Mech Ride' icon
Give Mallery What He Had Coming Complete 'River Approach' icon
Injected the Serum Complete 'Birthing Chamber' icon
Destroy the Chrysalis and Raine Complete 'Mother Chamber' icon
Soft Spot Use Auger WS 100 times icon
That Was an Experience Die for the first time icon
Omni-Lethal Use 10 different weapons icon
Cloven Killer Kill 50 enemies icon
Resistance Retribution also launches onto PS Plus Premium with full support for a second analog stick, so make sure to enjoy this like the lost series gem that it is. Do you think this spin-off is worthy of our best PS Plus Premium games list? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below!
Written by Lee Brady
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