PS4 games in May 2024 — five new games you need to play

Sony's last-gen console is still getting great games every month — here are some of the exciting new PS4 games releasing in May 2024.

PS4 games in May 2024 — five new games you need to play
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


You would think after more than 10 years on the market, we would have some sort of definitive list of the best PS4 games at this point. Yet, with so many great PS4 games coming out all the time, Sony's last-gen console continues to gain more contenders all the time! Looks like we've got five new PS4 games launching in May 2024 to consider as well, so let's check them out!


Five new PS4 games you should play in May 2024

For this list, I've picked five PS4 games releasing in May 2024 that I think deserve the most attention. That doesn't mean they're necessarily the best games to come out on PS4 this month — in fact, one of the games I've listed below is famously pretty average! Still, it's on the list because I think it's an interesting game that PS4 players will want to keep an eye on.

All of the games below should also be playable on PS5 as well thanks to that Sony's more recent console featuring backwards compatibility. If you're looking for a list of exciting games to play on the PS4's successor, check out our list of upcoming PS5 games. For everyone else, here are five games you should play on PS4 in May 2024.

Rainbow Cotton

Forget Crow Country (which unfortunately isn't available on PS4) — let's get our retro 3D games high by taking a trip to Fairy Country instead! Originally released exclusively in Japan for the Sega Dreamcast back in 2000, Rainbow Cotton is a delightfully colorful blast from the past. It's a 3D rail shooter in which you play as Cotton, a witch who has been tasked with banishing evil (cute-looking) demons while flying around on her broomstick.

When I said one of the games on this list was famously pretty average: this is the game I was referring to. Rainbow Cotton was initially released to middling reviews, most of which saved their praise for the game's colorful visuals. Today, the game doesn't even really have that going for it as the visuals are somewhat marred by the very dated polygonal graphics.

Still, it's a fascinating PS4 release that should definitely be on your radar if you're looking for an authentically retro gaming experience. While this remastered version of the game does come with some upgrades to Rainbow Cotton's infamously terrible controls, it also features a "Retro Mode" that lets you experience how bad it used to play. I love stuff like that, and if you do too, then give this one a go.

Braid Anniversary Edition

One of the best PS3 games ever is back and this time it's got a PS4 platinum trophy for you to unlock. In Braid, you play as Tim — just an everyday guy tasked with saving a princess from a monster. Through a series of puzzle-platforming challenges, Braid proceeds to deconstruct that very premise, and the game achieved all-time classic status from there.

While you've probably played a hundred games inspired by Braid's time-twisting mechanics since this indie gem was first released, it's still worth checking this one out and experiencing it all for yourself. Braid Anniversary Edition comes with reworked art and a commentary track featuring the game's original developer Jonathan Blow, so there's even plenty in this new PS4 release for returning fans to enjoy.

System Shock

  • When available, you'll find those System Shock trophies here
  • Developer: Nightdive Studios
  • PS4 Release Date: May 21, 2024
After TrueTrophies Editor Kes gave us his System Shock gameplay impressions back in 2022, we expected this PS5 and PS4 game to blow our minds later that year. What we did not expect was for the game to completely fall off the radar, re-emerge with a very strong PC debut in 2023, and then finally set its sights on the PS4 in May 2024.

Now that System Shock's release date has finally come around, we're relieved to say we're still hyped for this one. Dated as some of the game's FPS elements are in 2024, it's still a fascinating slice of gaming history — it's the progenitor of the Bioshock series! Plus, it offers some of the most strikingly unique visuals in all of video gaming. That's no small feat, especially in 2024 when it feels like we've seen it all.


  • When available, you'll find those MultiVersus trophies here
  • Developer: Player First Games
  • PS4 Release Date: May 28, 2024
While a few players might have been a little quick on the trigger when they sent MultiVersus' PS5 and PS4 player count soaring in April 2024, the good news is that the wait is almost over. Come May 28, 2024, MultiVersus will finally return after ending its early access period in mid-2023 and disappearing from the PS Store.

So far, we know that the game will kick off its first season with the addition of Batman's nemesis Joker to the game's roster of weird and wonderful fighters. Beyond that, we know that the game will be free-to-play and that it will once more let us unlock those sweet PS4 trophies. That's plenty to get us hyped for now. Here's hoping this live-service brawler can stick the landing with its full PS4 release.


Apparently like all cat games on PS4 (I'm looking at you, Stray), Umbraclaw has a pretty bleak premise. You play as recently deceased cat Kuon, who wakes up to find she's in the realm of the dead. Luckily, this cat has nine lives, so she plans to make her way back to the realm of the living to see her owner once more. Unluckily, she's beset by demons on all sides and will need to fight her way out.

Umbraclaw looks like a fierce action platformer with an interesting gimmick: every time you die, you'll get a little stronger and unlock more abilities. However, I would guess you'll want to limit your deaths as you attempt to reach the surface looking like a cat rather than a strange cat-like humanoid with fists of steel. There's something very old school about Umbraclaw that I can't wait to check out this month on PS4.

That's my pick for five PS4 games you should play in May 2024! Remember that there's also a selection of titles to check out via the PlayStation Plus May 2024 monthly games lineup, including the delightful adventure game Tunic! If you have any other recommendations for PS4 players this month, let us know in the comments below!
Written by Lee Brady
Staff Writer Lee keeps one eye on the future (Shadow x Sonic Generations), one eye on the past (PS Plus Premium games), and his secret third eye on junk he really likes (Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts games). Then he uses his big mouth to blurt out long-winded opinions about video games.
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