PS Plus Extra gains 60.5% more players in April 2024 rebound

PS Plus Extra and Premium's player count for April 2024 is on the rise thanks to player interest in PS5 games like Construction Simulator and Dave the Diver.

PS Plus Extra gains 60.5% more players in April 2024 rebound
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


With the PS Plus Extra and Premium player count for April 2024 showing a massive uptick in active PS5 and PS4 players, it looks like Sony struck gold by adding those Dave the Diver trophies day one to the subscription scheme. Backed up by some of the best PS Plus games to come to PS Plus Extra so far, April 2024 has quickly become the best-performing month for PS Plus all year.

PS Plus Extra April 2024 lineup wins big with subscribers

  • April 2024's PS Plus Extra games bring in biggest active player count of 2024 so far
  • Player count was up 60% compared to March 2024's lineup thanks largely to Dave the Diver
  • Two day-one PS Plus Extra games still to contribute to April 2024's player count
Using a gameplay data sample from over 3.1 million active PSN accounts (courtesy of our partnership with GameInsights), we've been keeping track of the debut player count for every game that gets added to PS Plus Extra and PS Plus Premium each month.
Last month, we saw the PS Plus Extra and Premium player count for March 2024 continue to trend downwards with one of the worst-performing game lineups we've seen from the subscription service so far. The pressure was on April 2024's lineup to deliver a knockout selection of games and reverse the recent PS Plus losing streak. Now, looking at the numbers, we're happy to report it's done just that.

Thanks in part to PS Plus Extra day-one game Dave the Diver bringing in the third-biggest debut ever seen by Sony's subscription scheme, April 2024's PS Plus Extra and Premium lineup topped the previous month's player count by 60.53%. April 2024's player count also beat February 2024's performance by 25.42%, making it the most successful monthly update for PS Plus Extra and Premium this year.

Top 10 PS Plus Extra games of 2024

#1Dave the Diver (April 2024)
#2Need for Speed Unbound (February 2024)
#3Marvel’s Midnight Suns (March 2024)
#4Tiny Tina's Wonderlands (January 2024)
#5Resident Evil 2 (January 2024)
#6NBA 2K24 (March 2024)
#7Resident Evil 3 (March 2024)
#8The Outer Worlds Spacer's Choice Edition (February 2024)
#9Session (January 2024)
#10Construction Simulator (April 2024)
As you can see from the chart above, Dave the Diver wasn't the only hit among April 2024's game selection — Construction Simulator also pulled in a wide audience of PS Plus Extra subscribers. That said, we also learned last month that a couple of hit games in your PS Plus Extra lineup does not necessarily make for a successful month.
In fact, what perhaps contributed just as much as Dave the Diver to the success of April 2024's game selection was the variety of games available to subscribers. With the exception of two games, every other PS Plus Extra and Premium game in April 2024 made the top 200 most-played PS5 and PS4 games chart for the week ending Sunday, April 21, 2024.

It really needs to be stressed how rare it is to see a PS Plus Extra and Premium monthly game selection get evenly distributed player attention. Since the PS Plus revamp in 2022, no other monthly PS Plus Extra lineup has had so many of it's games played by subscribers — July 2023's lineup came close as only three games didn't make the top 200 PS5 games. Most months, PS Plus Extra subscribers will ignore an average of five games, with some months like March 2024 having as many as six games fail to make the Top 200.

So, while they're not likely to make our list of the top PS Plus Extra and Premium games for 2024, the April 2024 lineup saw a considerable boost thanks to The Crew 2, Miasma Chronicles, Deliver Us Mars, Raji An Ancient Epic, Lego Marvel's Avengers, the third version of MediEvil on PS Plus, Stray Blade, and the incredibly annoying Nour.
That leaves only The Lego Ninjago Movie Videogame and Oddballers as non-contributors to April 2024's success (we don't track games without trophies, so Star Wars Rebel Assault II and Alone in the Dark The New Nightmare weren't factored in either).

What's even more impressive is that there are still two big PS Plus Extra games that have yet to contribute to April 2024's player count. Tales of Kenzera: Zau and Animal Well are both day-one PS Plus Extra games that have received staggered launches, so we don't yet have player count data for either title. If those games make a big splash with subscribers, it could make April 2024's lineup one of the best-performing months for PS Plus Extra and Premium since the streaming service began.

Maybe then Sony will think about making PS Plus Extra monthly day-one games a genuine part of its PS Plus strategy because it certainly looks like it makes a difference to subscribers! How did you find the selection of PS Plus Extra and Premium games for April 2024? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.

Chart compiled using gameplay data from over 3.1 million active PlayStation accounts (not just TrueTrophies accounts). Chart information is copyright GameInsights. Regarding this data:
  • When an account opens a game, this is registered as a game being played. Accounts can only register a game once per week.
  • Our data is good for suggesting general trends — we represent this using percentages, not numbers.
Written by Lee Brady
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