PS Plus leaving games December 2023 — how hard are the trophy lists?

Some of the PS Plus Extra leaving trophies for December 2023 can be difficult to earn before they leave PS Plus — use this breakdown to see just how hard.

PS Plus leaving games December 2023 — how hard are the trophy lists?
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


The PS Plus Extra leaving games for December 2023 have been announced, meaning you now have a limited time to try and earn some platinum trophies before these games leaving PS Plus are gone for good. So, to help you prioritize the PS5 and PS4 games you should be able to master in that time, we've compiled a breakdown of how hard it is to earn all the PS Plus Extra leaving trophies before December 2023 comes around.

How hard are the platinum trophies leaving PS Plus in December 2023?

Well, looks like this month will provide slim pickings for any PS5 or PS4 players looking for some quick and easy platinum trophies to snap up. That said, while the majority of the 11 games leaving PS Plus in December 2023 are lengthy titles, the difficulty for most games on this month's list is pretty manageable. You just might have to stick to a single game!
Check out our difficulty rating for each trophy list leaving PS Plus in December 2023 below. After that, we'll give you some recommendations and tips on what games to focus on if you're looking to score a platinum trophy between now and Tuesday, December 19, 2023 when these games leave. Spoilers: we're not going to recommend you start collecting trophies in any Yakuza titles — that's for sure.

PS Plus leaving games trophy difficulty breakdown

If you are looking for a platinum trophy that falls a little on the snackier side, I'd recommend playing Foreclosed before it leaves PS Plus Extra. A brisk cover shooter with a cool comic book art style, it's neither too difficult nor too long in the tooth — perfect for those looking to pick up a new platinum trophy this month.
Everything else here is of at least moderate length, but if you've got a long weekend free before these games are set to leave the service, then I'd also recommend blasting through Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor. With manageable action, a contained amount of side activities, and a pretty brisk story, this one seems perfect for those looking a mid-sized platinum trophy to add to their collection.

In terms of games to avoid if you're an avid trophy hunter, the obvious candidate here is Friday the 13th The Game — a title with an unobtainable PS4 platinum trophy. There's also Damascus Gear, which is a fun game but doesn't have a platinum trophy for you to earn.
Lastly, there's Yakuza Like a Dragon. It's an excellent game, but with a required playtime of over 80 hours, I'd say the stress in trying to clear this one up before it leaves the service would be dreadful for your health. We take care of our readership here. Collect all the trophies you want, but no all-nighters, alright?

If none of the above trophy lists appeal and you plan to play something else on PS Plus, just make sure you check our unobtainable PS Plus platinum trophies guide to avoid wasting your precious trophy hunting time. Will you be gunning for any of the platinum trophies leaving PS Plus this month? Let us know in the comments below.
Written by Lee Brady
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