PlayStation Stars’ 10th anniversary PS4 reward is causing headaches

The PlayStation Stars PS4 collectible has arrived in time for the console's 10th anniversary, but unfortunately PS5 and PS4 players are struggling to unlock it.

PlayStation Stars’ 10th anniversary PS4 reward is causing headaches
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


Released just in time for the PS4's 10th anniversary on Wednesday, November 15, 2023, players can now unlock the new PlayStation Stars PS4 collectible by checking out the list of PlayStation Stars campaigns on the PS App. However, be warned: much like the last time PlayStation Stars celebrated the PS4's 10th anniversary, PS5 and PS4 players seem to be struggling to get the campaign to show up.

PS Stars 'PlayStation & You: PS4' campaign appears to have issues

The new "PlayStation & You: PS4" campaign has appeared on the PS App, offering PS Stars subscribers the opportunity to add a PS4 collectible to their digital shelves anytime between now and Saturday, November 15, 2025. That said, much like many of the "PlayStation & You" campaigns of the past, PS5 and PS4 users online are reporting issues with getting the new campaign to show up.

PS4 PS StarsDetailed PS4 collectible now available.

For those who don't know, the "PlayStation & You" campaigns offer subscribers a chance to claim special PS Stars collectibles that are often seemingly tied to the subscriber's personal history with the PlayStation brand. For example, some subscribers were able to get this PlayStation Stars Silver PS3 collectible to appear on their PS App back in August 2023 — presumably for having owned the console.

However, in a similar situation to this PS4 collectible, many users reported issues getting that PS3 campaign to show up even when they owned the console in question. A cursory glance down this Reddit thread shows us many users who are having trouble getting the "PlayStation & You: PS4" to show. There also doesn't appear to be any consistency among the issues users are reporting which would explain why this isn't working as intended.

PS Stars

Theories that this might only be available for players who owned an original PS4 during the console's launch window have seemingly been debunked, with one user who earned the collectible reporting that "I have only had one PS4 (White Destiny Limited Edition) [that] I bought it second hand." Another user wrote: "Wow I actually got one for once. I did not own the OG PS4 with the gloss panel, but I did own the 2nd iteration with the matte panel."

Some users who have been able to access the "PlayStation & You: PS4" campaign are also reporting another issue entirely: they're unable to complete the campaign due to a bug. One user on Reddit wrote: "I have the campaign but it won't complete for some reason." Meanwhile, another commenter on X wrote: "Hasn't popped up as I've tried different games I think it's glitched."

PS4 PS StarsShowed up fine for me though!

I can report first-hand that the PS4 collectible appeared on my PS App fine and that I was able to complete the campaign without any problems. I did own the original PS4 model and received it just over a month after launch, so I'm probably within the most likely bracket of users to see this campaign show up correctly. However, many users who claim to have owned the PS4 at launch are seemingly having issues with the campaign regardless, so it all feels rather random.

It's a shame that so many users are being plagued with issues on this one, as it's a cool collectible that I think many of us would like to display on our little digital shelves. If you have any issues with the campaign, you can find more guidance on what to do over on our PlayStation Stars guide. Has this PS4 anniversary collectible dropped for you yet? Let us know down in the comments.
Written by Lee Brady
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