PlayStation Stars timer pressures players to buy more PS5 games

The PlayStation Stars level timer has been modified in the PS App to visually remind top-tier subscribers to keep buying PS5 games and to keep earning trophies.

PlayStation Stars timer pressures players to buy more PS5 games
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


If you're a Level 4 PlayStation Stars subscriber — the highest level any regular account can reach with PS Stars — you might have noticed the recent addition of a PlayStation Stars level timer in the PS App. This timer might help some subscribers realize their PS Stars level will expire (see our PlayStation Stars guide for more information). However, for other PS5 and PS4 players, this new addition will only serve to pressure them into buying games on the PS Store.

PS Stars adds reminder to buy PS5 games and earn more trophies

This recent PlayStation Stars change affects the PS Stars level indicator (the little gem with a number attached to it) which can be seen from the very first page of the PS App and becomes even more prominent when you check any of the latest PlayStation Stars campaigns.

PS Stars timer

Previously, for PS Stars subscribers who had reached Level 4 (by purchasing four full games from the PS Store and earning 128 non-common trophies after joining Sony's loyalty scheme), the white bar above their level indicator would be filled in completely. However, as you can see in the screenshot above, the newly revealed timer means that even if you have reached Level 4 on the PS App, you'll now be faced with a reminder that you still have more PS5 games to purchase and trophies to earn.

If you were hoping that this new incomplete white bar represented a further fifth level for subscribers to unlock, unfortunately, this isn't the case. Instead, this change to your PS Stars level indicator represents a timer meant to visually remind you how long you have left before your current PlayStation Stars level degrades.

For those who don't know, your PlayStation Stars level isn't permanent — meaning you don't get to remain at Level 4 forever once you've made it that far. Instead, from the moment you climb up a rank, you have until the end of that calendar year plus 13 months before your PS Stars level degrades. So, if you — like me — reached Level 4 sometime in December 2022 (shortly after PS Stars launched), your account will degrade to Level 3 sometime in January 2025.

The timer from the PS Stars Rewards page.

This new PS Stars timer simply reminds you when your level is due to degrade, and seemingly only appears in the PS App whenever you're within a year of your level degradation date. This explains why PS Stars subscribers are only seeing the change now, as realistically the earliest anyone's PS Stars level could degrade is at the end of January 2025. Right now, the timer will likely only affect those whose most recent level upgrade occurred before the end of 2022.

Once activated, the PS Stars level timer resets the number of games and trophies that are required to maintain your rank for another 13+ months. In the case of subscribers who have made it to Level 4, this means you'll have to purchase another four full games on the PS Store and collect another 128 uncommon trophies before the deadline.

This shows us a side of PS Stars we have never really seen up to this point. Since its inception, most of PS Stars' campaigns and gimmicks have been used to incentivize players to collect trophies and purchase PS5 and PS4 games, but never with a deadline that can actively affect the player's account. Now, however, we're seeing a timer that can linger on the PS App for nearly a year pressurizing players to buy more and play more or lose their rank.

PS StarsPS Stars levels explained.

For Level 4 PS Stars subscribers, there's more to the threat than just a number going down as well. Reaching Level 4 provides PS Stars subscribers with "Premier Support" — a perk that provides these loyal subscribers a priority status whenever they contact PlayStation Support. Should the level timer elapse without you having purchased the requisite number of games or with your earning the right number of trophies, you'll lose access to your improved customer support status.

So, if you've noticed the PS Stars level timer has activated in the PS App, make sure to press on through to the overview section to learn exactly when your PS Stars level is set to degrade. This will provide you with information on how many games and trophies you have yet to add to your account if you want to refresh your PS Stars level.

All that said, what do you think of this PlayStation Stars level timer? Are you bothered by the requirement to buy more games and earn some easy PS5 trophies, or does it not phase you? Let us know your thoughts down in the comments below.
Written by Lee Brady
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