PS Plus December 2023 monthly games officially announced for PS5, PS4

The PS Plus December 2023 monthly games have been officially announced by Sony for PS5 and PS4, with PowerWash Simulator leading the charge.

PS Plus December 2023 monthly games officially announced for PS5, PS4
Kes Eylers-Stephenson

Kes Eylers-Stephenson


The PS Plus December 2023 monthly games for the Essential tier of Sony's subscription have officially been announced for PS5 and PS4. Can the leading game, PowerWash Simulator make it onto our best PlayStation Plus games list?

PS Plus December 2023 monthly games announced

Lego 2K Drive, PowerWash Simulator, and Sable are your PS Plus Essential games for December 2023. The normal cadence is in full flow for this month's PS Plus dates as all three will arrive on Tuesday, December 5, 2023, for PS5 and PS4, with Sable being for PS5-only game.

As always, your three PS Plus Essential games will remain in your library of games so long as you keep a PS Plus subscription. So, you should add these PS5 and PS4 titles to your library just in case you want to play them in the future. Make sure you gather your PS Plus November 2023 before Monday, December 4, 2023.

Here are your write-ups for the three PS Plus Essential monthly games for December 2023.

Lego 2K Drive

  • Platform(s): PS5, PS4
  • Lego 2K Drive time to platinum: 50+ hours
  • Lego 2K Drive trophy difficulty: 3/10
Having released in May of this year, maybe we should be wondering quite how we've wound up getting access to those Lego 2K Drive trophies so early. Let's just hope that doesn't speak to the game's quality, at least! Let's just throw these thoughts out of the window and just enjoy some time spinning around Bricklandia, shall we?

It's an open-world racer with a story mode and collectibles aplenty. Our colleague Tom thought the game was good fun, particularly while playing with his son. So, if you have family or just love Lego and cars, this will be a decent pickup!

Powerwash Simulator

  • Platform(s): PS5, PS4
  • Powerwash Simulator time to platinum: 50+ hours
  • Powerwash Simulator trophy difficulty: 5/10
Sometimes, you just have to sit back and laugh at the popularity of some games. In this case, we're laughing at the fact that so many people are going to adore picking up a hose and trying to polish off some PowerWash Simulator trophies.

I mean, you'll be cleaning loads of stuff and really enjoying it because it is a fun and wacky title under that surface-level grime. I don't know that much more needs saying because you might have heard of this one after it launched into mega popularity via Xbox Game Pass. Seriously, if you think it is silly, give it a go!


  • Platform(s): PS5
  • Sable time to platinum: 20 hours
  • Sable trophy difficulty: 3/10
Another huge hit for the Team in Green's service, Sable is an open-world indie game that has puzzles and adventure in equal measure. With a totally unique art style, we think you might end up getting properly sucked into collecting Sable trophies as its show-don't-tell gameplay fully immerses you.

The protagonist is making her way through ancient deserts filled with ruins and downed craft as part of a ceremonial building. It has a stunning soundtrack and a super interesting concept, so Sable would be our pick of the bunch here. It's interesting, unique, and full of that wonder you get when you play something that you know could only be done in a video game.

So, what do you think of the lineup? Would any make the underrated PS5 games on PS Plus list? What are your predictions? Let us know all down below, and we will see you there!
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Editor Kes is our resident expert in PlayStation and other gaming news. He writes about PS5 exclusives like The Last of Us and Horizon, PS Plus news, and his favorite games — The Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, and God of War — before an evening swim.
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