PS Plus April 2024 — new PS5 and PS4 games have been revealed

The PlayStation Plus April 2024 games for PS5 and PS4 have been revealed, with the headline being EA's first-person shooter Immortals of Aveum.

PS Plus April 2024 — new PS5 and PS4 games have been revealed
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


The PlayStation Plus April 2024 monthly games lineup has been announced, with three new PS5 and PS4 games joining PS Plus Essential in the near future. This month, you'll be able to play Immortals of Aveum, which ranks on our best FPS games on PS5 list. We knew this one was coming someday, but now you'll finally get to see for yourself that it really is a good time!

PS Plus monthly games for April 2024 announced

The three PS Plus Essential monthly games for April 2024 were announced via a post on the PlayStation Blog, and will be made available to download for all PS Plus subscribers on Tuesday, April 2, 2024. Without any further ado, let's check out three games you'll be adding to your PS5 and PS4 game libraries this month!

Immortals of Aveum

We learned back in November 2023 that Immortals of Aveum had some PS Plus plans in motion to help publisher EA recoup the losses from this financial flop. So, seeing this one finally arrive as one of the PS Plus Essential games for April 2024 should be no real surprise.

Don't let that poor commercial performance fool you though — Immortals of Aveum is genuinely a great time and a perfect addition for PS Plus. A little more rigid than the likes of Doom Eternal, it's still a remarkably solid single-player FPS game with a lot of fun classic world-building and fantasy scenarios to enjoy. Also, one note: this game is PS5 only, so PS4 subscribers won't be able to check this one out.

Minecraft Legends

Another one of the big games from 2023 that went a little under the radar, Minecraft Legends is a strategy game in which you lead armies of Minecraft-related characters to war to protect your blocky homeland. It plays like Brutal Legend meets Minecraft, which is the kind of bizarre combination that warrants checking out, even if it's not exactly likely to light your world on fire.

Skul The Hero Slayer

A 2D roguelite action platformer with pixelated action and chaos, you say? Well, that sounds like it could be just about anything, but in this case, it's Skul The Hero Slayer. It's hardly got the biggest profile in gaming, but for what it's worth, Skul is an exceedingly well-liked action adventure that's a more than competent replacement for players looking for another Dead Cells or Blasphemous.

That's all three PS Plus games for April 2024 — what do you think? Remember, you have until Monday, April 1, 2024, to claim the games leaving PS Plus from March 2024's selection. Let us know if you're happy with this latest patch of PS Plus monthly games down in the comments below.
Written by Lee Brady
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