PS Plus Premium is hiding a secret 2 player masterpiece in its catalog

Hold your objections and hear me out: Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy on PS Plus Premium is one of the best 2 player games in the entire catalog.

PS Plus Premium is hiding a secret 2 player masterpiece in its catalog
Miri Teixeira

Opinion by Miri Teixeira


That selection of downright ridiculous Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy trophies aside, there's something else you should know about the game: Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy on PS Plus Premium is one of the best 2-player PS5 games around. Now, hold up, before you start yelling at me, I can back it up — I swear the sheer chaos and camaraderie that can be cooked up in your home while playing Ace Attorney makes it worth an instant download ahead of any social event.

Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney is a perfect PS Plus 2-player game

Everyone's favorite table-slapping simulator Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney was included in the PlayStation Plus Extra and Premium March 2024 lineup, and it's actually the perfect 2-player game. Yes, this is the hill I'm going to die on, and before you shout "objection!", I do have some evidence to put on the record.
If you've never played any of the Ace Attorney games, they're a series of exceptionally tightly-written, fast paced courtroom drama vignettes with surreal humor and devious puzzles woven throughout. Although you'll have to employ some mind-bending logical gymnastics, every solution makes perfect sense once you see it. Each character is packed full of personality, whether you befriend, represent, work alongside, or watch them crumble on the stand.

Each episode usually begins with a crime taking place, giving you a Columbo-like glimpse of the event itself, before whisking you off to the present day, where you must take over the investigation before facing The Judge. As the appointed defense attorney, you'll come up against a selection of prosecution lawyers — foes like the smug, sniveling Winston Payne (bane of my existence) and the charismatic dark academia zaddy Miles Edgeworth (love of my life).

Ace Attorney

Before the trial, you'll need to collect evidence, inspect crime scenes, and interview witnesses. Once this first half of the episode is concluded, you'll head into the courtroom. Here, you'll listen to witness testimonies, examine the prosecution's evidence, and ultimately build a case through cross-examination and critical thinking. From my, admittedly biased perspective, Ace Attorney has it all. Including potentially the longest tutorial in the history of gaming, but we'll let that slide.

Here's where the communal aspect comes in. Where for some the choice of game for multiplayer sessions include board games and escape rooms, for me and my fiancé, it's cryptic crosswords with a coffee on a Saturday morning all the way. Whether it's chess or a jigsaw puzzle, in our house, every puzzle is considered a communal sport. That means Ace Attorney is no exception, and I want to get the word out that games like this should be more often considered when we think of multiplayer gaming experiences.
The list of games that can (and should) be played communally but don't have an official 2-player label could go on forever. Pick up any point-and-click like Monkey Island or Broken Sword and tell me it's not better to come up with absurd item combinations with someone else egging you on. Likewise, the same goes for games like Danganronpa that require deduction and logic. I would often get stuck for days, waiting for my flatmate to commit to an evening of getting on Monokuma's nerves, only for them to immediately figure out the puzzle I was agonizing over. Sometimes two heads really are better than one.

Ace Attorney Trilogy falls into this category. The text is snappy and easy to read, the characters are laugh-out-loud funny, and when you're all out of ideas, you can call on your "Player 2" to think things out from another angle. Every puzzle can be mulled over as a team, in the same way you'd ponder out loud in an escape room, or when playing a tactical board game. The stakes are low and you can't really "lose" — you just keep playing and turning the puzzles over in your heads until something clicks and you feel like the smartest people on earth.

Ace Attorney

If you're looking for a game to play with a friend, a sibling, or even for a cozy date night, don't scroll past Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Trilogy. The fact that it's available now on PS Plus Premium makes it all the more accessible too, so definitely give it a go. It's a hysterical game with surprising depth that'll keep you up all night searching for clues and answers amidst the chaos.

Let us know in the comments below if you'd give this one a shot. If I haven't convinced you and you think I'm full of it, check out our list of the best PS Plus Premium games for some more… conventional suggestions.
Written by Miri Teixeira
Miri's hobbies outside of gaming inform everything about their on-screen preferences: Lots of reading, irritatingly tough puzzles, and anything vaguely historical. As such, they're always on the lookout for another Disco Elysium-type read-a-thon, a Myst-like island to get lost in, or an ancient time capsule like The Forgotten City. Other than that, if anything is being described as "weird and unsettling", it's either Miri, or their new favorite indie game.
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