Persona remake rumors — does Persona 4 really need a PS5 remake?

Atlus is reportedly working on two major Persona remakes supposedly for PS5. However, is it too soon to return to some of these classic JRPGs?

Persona remake rumors — does Persona 4 really need a PS5 remake?
Jack Ridsdale

Opinion by Jack Ridsdale


There may be some excellent news on the horizon for JRPG fans, as two Atlus insiders have claimed that the development studio is working on Persona 2 and Persona 4 remakes. The news follows the launch of Persona 3 Reload, one of the best JRPGs, which has a packed Persona 3 Reload trophy list to make your way through.

Atlus is reportedly working on Persona 2 and 4 remakes

It seems like every day comes with a new video game remake rumor, with the latest being a treat for JRPG fans. Atlus is known for showing love to older titles in its catalog, frequently releasing new versions of its classic games — often with new features, visuals, and story elements. That said, Persona 3 Reload was the first truly AAA remake the studio has released, and clearly its success has sparked conversations about bringing back older titles in the series.
Well, to tease some of those rumors, established online leaker Kami on X has suggested that Persona 2 is being eyed up for a re-release on modern consoles under the title "P2 Redemption." Supposedly more of a remaster than a remake, this title will reportedly feature a new translation and quality-of-life changes. The game is reportedly being considered for release either before or after Persona 6.

What may be more exciting for many fans is the prospect of revisiting Yasogami High School in a remake of Persona 4. Originally released on the PS2 and then later revised in HD as Persona 4 Golden for the PS Vita, this game only recently made the jump to PS4 back in 2023. Still, this deep and thought-provoking RPG was a jumping-on point for many fans of the series and as such feels like the perfect candidate for a remake.

Although the Persona 4 remake is allegedly "years away," and hasn't entered production yet, it's certainly a tantalizing prospect for fans new and old. Persona 4 is still considered by many to be the peak of the series, with a heartwarming storyline and an endearing ensemble of characters that live on in the imagination long after the credits have rolled. It's no wonder that the beloved game has spawned multiple spin-offs.


Persona 4 could actually use a modern PS5 remake

Despite its cult-classic status, Persona 4 does have several more dated elements that could use updating, along with the flashy new visuals that are sure to come.

Chiefly, one might expect work to be done to its randomly generated dungeons, which can at times feel like a chore to slog through. Persona 5 and its update Persona 5 Royal introduced many new gameplay features, such as the grappling hook and cover mechanic. These, paired with the fixed design of the dungeons themselves, helped make them feel more dynamic and enjoyable to navigate.

However, we don't really expect these exact mechanics to be translated over — particularly as no such approach was taken for Persona 3 Reload. Instead, Atlus tried to offset the problem with the repetitive dungeon layout by adding more discoverable objects in Reload, and something like that could work in a Persona 4 remake as well. It's not a make or break, but I know I'd personally prefer to see the Persona 5 approach taken here.
Furthermore, the story, as beloved as it is, has some problematic elements that could use a second glance. The game's plot deals with exploring the main character's subconscious thoughts, which becomes problematic at times — particularly with the characters of Kanji and Naoto, both of whom wrestle with elements of their sexual and gender identity.

Some stereotypical depictions of queer characters in the game have led to accusations of homophobia, which even in 2008 raised some eyebrows. A remake that brings the game in line with modern expectations would do well to address these issues by reworking the narrative.

All that said, to answer the central question here: yes, I do think we could actually use a remake of Persona 4. As for Persona 2 getting a re-release: why not? The more the merrier. Are you excited about the prospect of more Persona remakes? Or does the idea of Atlus altering one of the best PS Vita games further fill you with dread? Let us know what's running around your mind palace in the comments below.
Written by Jack Ridsdale
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