Naughty Dog’s single-player games could save a wasted PS5 generation

Naughty Dog's new single-player games announcement gives us hope that the PlayStation Studio can save a potentially wasted PS5 generation.

Naughty Dog’s single-player games could save a wasted PS5 generation
Kes Eylers-Stephenson

Opinion by Kes Eylers-Stephenson


Naughty Dog's new single-player games announcement gives us hope we might finally be able to add a new game from the incredible PlayStation Studios developer to our best PS5 games list. Could this rescue a tame PS5 generation from the developer?


Naughty Dog back on track for the PS5 generation

On the same note that The Last of Us multiplayer officially got canceled, we also got an update on the state of its other development ideas. "We have more than one ambitious, brand new single-player game that we're working on here at Naughty Dog, and we cannot wait to share more about what comes next when we’re ready."
In some ways, and I hope you'll agree with me on this, the fact that we have to celebrate those words is deeply troubling. However, what's happened has happened and Naughty Dog — my favorite developer — is finally getting back to what it's good at: making single-player games.

I think we probably have a good idea of what these games are. One I'd put money on is The Last of Us Part 3 after casting and story rumors. Plus, with an HBO show probably splitting The Last of Us Part II into two, the developer has time to get the third game in to wrap up Ellie and Abbie's arc. The second is rumored to be a fantasy game — a welcome departure from gritty realism.

That doesn't matter so much to me, in all honesty. What matters is that we might finally see Naughty Dog put an actual game on the board for PS5. Seriously, the last three games with its name on will have all been ports — The Last of Us Part II Remastered, The Last of Us Part I, and Uncharted Legacy of Thieves.
While I feel like I give much more leeway for these ports than most fans — I don't think they take up that much development time and resources — when your next effort was supposed to be a live-service multiplayer game... well, I can't say the future was my cup of tea. We are now over three years into the PS5 generation and we have no idea what the name of the game Naughty Dog is even working on is.

That's nuts for the flagship studio. I don't think you can blame the studio — read the Sony live-service games scaled back report — but I am just in disbelief that Naughty Dog could be mismanaged so thoroughly by Sony.

By the time one of these games is announced you've got to imagine it'll be 2025, at the least, and that we'll be five years into the generation and be thinking about the PS6. That is crazy, crazy, crazy — and one more for the back — crazy! If we take anything from this it's that this might be a teachable moment for PlayStation Studios' management — Naughty Dog is good at single-player games, just let them do it.

uncharted legacy of thieves collection ps5 pcToot toot! It's the Naughty Dog train!

Studios like Naughty Dog are trains of single-player development talent. Don't stop it, or you'll miss the station for the PS5 generation. Heck, the train might barrel down a broken track and you might end up losing the most talented developer in the world in a fiery wreck.

I want more PS5 exclusives and I think you probably do too! So, that's my opinion! you are free to agree, disagree, or write your own in the comments! What do you think about the situation? I'll see you in the comments below.
Written by Kes Eylers-Stephenson
Editor Kes is our resident expert in PlayStation and other gaming news. He writes about PS5 exclusives like The Last of Us and Horizon, PS Plus news, and his favorite games — The Witcher, Assassin’s Creed, and God of War — before an evening swim.
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