Most popular PS5 games — Black Ops 3 inexplicably grows 15% bigger

This week's chart of the top 40 most popular PS5 games shows Call of Duty Black Ops III gaining players in 2024 despite being nearly nine years old.

Most popular PS5 games — Black Ops 3 inexplicably grows 15% bigger
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


Everyone and their mother and their mother's pet duck has likely collected enough of those Call of Duty Black Ops III trophies for one lifetime. Yet still, the popularity of the PS4 game continues to draw in new PS5 and PS4 players, to the point where one of this week's top 40 most popular PS5 games in Call of Duty Black Ops III in 2024. Sure, it's one of the best FPS games on PlayStation, but is it worth this much attention?

Call of Duty gains popularity as Dragon's Dogma 2 sees drop

I was baffled by Call of Duty Black Ops III's popularity back in April 2023, and here in April 2024, I continue to be baffled by Black Ops III's popularity. Sure, the game got a deep discount on the PS Store as of Saturday, March 27, 2024, but is that really all this game needs to do to be one of the most popular PS5 and PS4 games (of the week ending Sunday, March 31, 2024)?
Amidst a 10.94% drop in player count for Dragon's Dogma 2 and the further diminishing of that combined PS plus Extra and Premium player count for March 2024, Call of Duty Black Ops III stands tall. Black Ops III gained 15.75% more PS5 and PS4 players in the last week — a feat that feels just ridiculous given the game is approaching nine years old.

It's not the only game on the rise in the top 40 this week, although Black Ops III is by far the oddest. This week also saw Rise of the Ronin seeing a bit more love from PS5 players, with the game's audience having grown by 9.40% since last week. Gran Turismo 7's audience is also up 22.5%, likely partly to do with the new DLC that landed last week, and partly to do with the 50% discount the game received in the PS Store Spring Sale 2024.
Just off the chart, there's also been a tremendous rise in Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League's player base, with 123.12% more PS5 and PS4 players rushing to check it out in the last week. This correlates both with a deep PS Store discount and the release of the game's first season, which brings The Joker to the live-service game.

Will it be enough to finally land Suicide Squad back in the top 40? Well, it's only made it to the #59 spot, so it would need consistent support to do it, but it's close!
Lastly, let's pour one out for Hi-Fi Rush — one of the Xbox games with a low player count in March 2024. This week, with the game's player count is down another 37.53 percent, we could see the former Microsoft exclusive dropping out of the top 200 most popular PS5 games by next week That's a shame, as it really is an excellent title which PS5 players really should get around to checking out.

Without any further ado, here are the top 40 most popular PS5 games for the week! Here's to another week of Call of Duty Black Ops III's inexplicable dominance.

Most Popular PS5 games (week ending Sunday, March 31, 2024)

PositionGamePublisherLast week
1 iconFortniteEpic Games1
2 iconCall of Duty: Modern Warfare IIActivision2
3 iconEA SPORTS FC 24Electronic Arts3
4 iconHELLDIVERS 2Sony Interactive Entertainment4
5 iconGrand Theft Auto VRockstar Games6
7 iconTom Clancy's Rainbow Six SiegeUbisoft7
8 iconRocket LeaguePsyonix8
9 iconRobloxRoblox10
10 iconMinecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition (2)Mojang Studios11
11 iconOverwatch 2Blizzard Entertainment12
12 iconDragon's Dogma 2Capcom Entertainment9
13 iconNBA 2K242K Games13
14 iconApex LegendsElectronic Arts14
15 iconDestiny 2Bungie15
16 iconElden RingFromSoftware16
17 iconMarvel's Spider-Man 2Sony Interactive Entertainment17
18 iconGran Turismo 7Sony Interactive Entertainment23
19 iconF1 23Electronic Arts18
20 iconSifuSloclap19
21 iconMadden NFL 24Electronic Arts20
22 iconGenshin ImpactCognosphere21
23 iconRise of the RoninSony Interactive Entertainment24
24 iconDead by Daylight 1/2Behaviour Interactive22
25 iconRed Dead Redemption 2Rockstar Games25
26 iconFall GuysEpic Games26
27 iconTEKKEN 8Bandai Namco Entertainment27
28 iconGhost of TsushimaSony Interactive Entertainment29
29 iconCall of Duty: Black Ops IIIActivision31
30 iconBattlefield 2042Electronic Arts28
31 iconWarframeDigital Extremes36
32 iconHonkai: Star RailCognosphereRE
33 iconGod of War RagnarökSony Interactive Entertainment39
34 iconFIFA 23Electronic Arts38
35 iconBaldur's Gate 3Spike Chunsoft32
36 iconCyberpunk 2077CD ProjektRE
37 iconBrawlhallaBlue Mammoth Games37
38 iconTHE FINALSEmbark Studios33
39 iconWWE 2K242K Games34
40 iconCall of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarActivisionRE
Chart compiled using gameplay data from over 3.1 million active PlayStation accounts (not just TrueTrophies accounts). Chart information is copyright GameInsights. Regarding this data:
  • When an account opens a game, this is registered as a game being played. Accounts can only register a game once per week.
  • Our data is good for suggesting general trends — we represent this using percentages, not numbers.
Written by Lee Brady
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