Minecraft will finally get PS5 trophies after four years of waiting

It only took four years, but a Minecraft PS5 trophies list could finally be coming, and we may even be looking at an auto-pop trophy situation for PS4 players.

Minecraft will finally get PS5 trophies after four years of waiting
Luke Wakeham

Luke Wakeham


That Minecraft PS4 trophies list may finally be making its way over to PS5. The world's most popular survival game is set to finally get a native PS5 version so we can finally add it to our upcoming PS5 games list. We’re not sure that the Minecraft PS5 trophies will contain any surprises, but our fingers are crossed that it could result in an easy Platinum for us PS4 version players.

Minecraft finally getting a native PS5 version

In a post on the Gaming Leaks And Rumours subreddit, user "the_andshrew" laid out some fresh evidence that the long-awaited PS5 version of Minecraft is not far from release. This is apparently the result of Microsoft finally getting hold of some PS5 development kits and further digging resulted in the uncovering of some title IDs for a PS5 version of the game. Alongside this, PlayStation Game Size, an X account that closely follows happenings on the PS Store, has also confirmed it.

Minecraft PS5via Reddit.

While PS5 players have not been starved of Minecraft because the PS4 edition is playable on PS5 thanks to backwards compatibility, it is a bit of an outdated version at this point. The Xbox version was updated with 4K support at the end of last year, so players are hoping for similar treatment with a native PS5 port.

Other improvements many hope to see are the inclusion of ray tracing and 120fps modes — although not both at the same time. Unless Microsoft got its green hands on a dev kit for a more enhanced version of the PS5 — dare I say a PS5 Pro model?
It’s worth noting that Minecraft is never out of the top ten most-played PlayStation games on our PlayStation Chart, so it feels a little incredible that it's taken this long for there to be a native PS5 version. Whether it's because Microsoft has been waiting around for a dev kit, or they were saving up for the inevitable mid-gen refresh, we can only speculate.

Another thing to think about is whether or not the new PS5 trophies will automatically unlock for those who have already collected the PS4 version ones. This has happened historically with plenty of games, so if so, it'll mean quite the easy platinum trophy for returning Minecraft fans, which is always a nice bonus. Unfortunately, at present, we can neither confirm nor deny whether those trophies with auto-unlock for return players.

Minecraft PS5via X.

What are your thoughts? Would you like to jump back into Minecraft with some PS5 enhancements? Would 4K, or ray tracing, or a 120 frame rate bring you back? The enduring appeal of Minecraft is such, we’re sure that a PS5 version will launch it up the charts again and land it in our best PS5 games for kids list. Let us know your thoughts in the comments.
Written by Luke Wakeham
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