Metal Gear Solid 3 remake reveals another weird PS5 update

Our latest glimpse at the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 3 remake shows us that Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater's menu screen will also be pretty uninspired.

Metal Gear Solid 3 remake reveals another weird PS5 update
Lee Brady

Opinion by Lee Brady


With every update ahead of the release of those Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater trophies, I feel I have to ask: "Are we sure we want this?" My latest gripe is that we now know that Metal Gear Solid Delta Snake Eater's menu screen will be blander than the original's menu. That's hardly enough to rule the upcoming MGS3 remake out entirely, but it doesn't inspire much hope for this reimagining of one of the best PlayStation games of all time either.


Metal Gear Solid Delta changes the main menu for the worse

The new update comes 20 minutes into a keynote address from Konami on the state of the Metal Gear franchise (embedded below), showing off new merch and generally celebrating the success of 2023's Metal Gear Solid Master Collection Vol. 1. At the end of the address, we're given a glimpse of the upcoming PS5 game, and much like the Metal Gear Solid Delta Unreal Engine 5, it fails to show us anything interest at all.
This first glimpse of Metal Gear Solid Delta's main menu gives us a long camera shot dollying forward through a forest. It entices us to think about the game's early forest levels and all the exciting hunting and surviving Snake will get up to in that part of the game. For what it's worth, the rendering of that forest continues to look quite nice, even if that is literally all we're looking at here.

Honestly, though — if the idea of showing off small glimpses of the Metal Gear Solid 3 remake is meant to entice fans, Konami should really stop until it's got something to show. All these clips manage to do is remind me, a fan of Metal Gear Solid 3, that the game's creator Hideo Kojima isn't working on this remake project. It's plain as day because, if he were working on it, MGS Delta's menu would have at least a trace amount of the soul found in the original game's menu.
I mean, just look at the sheer amount of style the original menu had going for it (I've embedded the HD version above, though it's essentially the same as the original). Look at how impactful those colors are and how the focus is on elegant CQC action. Also, listen to Harry Gregson-Williams' music — this first impression of the game isn't setting us up for a traipse in the forest, it's gearing us up for a tense, action-packed spy thriller!

Look, don't misunderstand me — if you're excited about Metal Gear Solid Delta and you want to be optimistic about it, I think you should go on right ahead and do just that. Nitpicking small artistic choices, like how the game sets the tone with its menu, is probably not going to really matter so long as the game looks good, plays well, and captures most of the other excellent vibes of the original.
Really, I'm just pointing the difference out here because I want to get through to whoever is making these marketing decisions at Konami: please, you have to stop. Showing off something as small as the game's opening menu is something only big Metal Gear fans are going to be remotely interested in, and those same big fans are almost certainly not going to want to see what the developers have done to that menu.

My advice is to just rein it in. Let Metal Gear Solid Delta see the light of day when there's something to show for it, and in the meantime, please stop rattling my cage. I really do want to consider this one of the more exciting upcoming PS5 games — I'm just going to need it to be exciting first. What do you think of the changes? Let me know down in the comments below.
Written by Lee Brady
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