Marvel's Spider-Man 2's March update — here's everything that's coming

Sony just announced the release date and features of the delayed Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 version 1.002 March 2024 update. Let's webswing into the new features!

Marvel's Spider-Man 2's March update — here's everything that's coming
Luke Wakeham

Luke Wakeham


The Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 trophies list was a breeze to swing through thanks to its addictive gameplay and impressively zippy fast travel system. We loved the game so much that we gave it a ten out of ten in our Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 review. Now it’s set to get even better thanks to details Sony has posted of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 March 2024 Update.

New game modes, new suits, and more feature in the recent Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 update

We Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 web-heads have been eagerly anticipating an update for the game since December 2023 when it was reported that the Marvel's Spider-Man 2's patch had received a 2024 delay. We now live in the glorious future state that is 2024 and thankfully a recent post on the PlayStation Blog has informed us of all the juicy details of this upcoming version 1.002 update. Here’s everything we can expect from the latest patch.

Everything set to feature in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 version 1.002 update

  • New Game+ is being added to the game. Allowing players to replay the game on a harder difficulty with all their suites and abilities carrying over.
  • Mission replay will also be added, so players can skip to certain missions if they just want to relive their favorite set pieces.
  • New unlocks will also feature in New Game+ – with Ultimate Levels, Golden Gadget styles and more.
  • New suit styles for Peter’s symbiote story suits. Allowing further customization of his look via unlocks in New Game+’s Ultimate Levels. The color of Peter’s symbiote abilities will also be customizable.
  • Marvel’s Hellfire Gala suits are also being added to the game for both Peter and Miles. Peter sports the slick black and red design created by Russell Dauterman, and Miles gets his iconic look from Bernard Chang’s beautiful variant cover for Miles Morales: Spider-Man #8.
  • Photo Mode will also be getting an update, with a new action figure mode and stickers. Players also be able to change the time of day once the story has been completed, allowing them to experiment with the lighting for the ultimate shots.
  • Major updates for Accessibility are included too. Audio Descriptions, a Screen Reader, Cinematic Captions, and High Contrast Outlines are just some of the new features being added with version 1.002.
  • New Fly N’ Fresh suits will also be added as an in-game purchase and represent a partnership with the charity Gameheads. Early access to the Fly N’ Fresh suits will be available for $4.99. Starting March 7, 2024 and continuing through to April 5, 2024, PlayStation will donate 100% of the purchase price of each Fly N’ Fresh Suit Pack in the United States to Gameheads, up to a $1 million limit.
Are you as jazzed as we are to web-wing your way through a New Game+ run of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? What do you think these Ultimate Levels and Golden Gadget styles are? What are your top three set pieces in the game and will you replay them in that order? Let us know all your thoughts on these updates to one of 2023’s best PS5 games in the comments below.
Written by Luke Wakeham
Staff Writer Luke is the quintessential dabbler. He likes to have at least one open-world, one rogue-like, and one action-adventure game on the go at any given time. So, he’s a big fan of Ghost of Tsushima, Returnal, and The Last of Us. He likes to know what’s going on in the world of Sony and always has one eye locked to the business news and upcoming releases.
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