Ranking Marvel's Spider-Man 2 character deaths: who had the best?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 has plenty of character deaths — in fact, more than 10 characters bite it before the PS5 sequel hits the credit roll.

Ranking Marvel's Spider-Man 2 character deaths: who had the best?
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


By the time you've collected all of those Marvel's Spider-Man 2 trophies, you've likely endured a lot of loss, because Marvel's Spider-Man 2 is crammed full of character deaths. With this high a body count, it begs a (slightly warped) question: of all the deaths in this PS5 sequel, who had the best? Well, having finally published my Marvel's Spider-Man 2 review, I think I'm in a solid position to make that call. Let's rank 'em!


Who dies in Marvel's Spider-Man 2?

Before we jump into the full list, it's obviously worth pointing out that this article will be riddled with spoilers. If you haven't played Marvel's Spider-Man 2 yet, you should only proceed if you're the kind of person who doesn't really mind knowing if certain characters eventually kick the can somewhere in the story.
This article will cover all 14 deaths in Spider-Man 2, from those covered by the main story to those touched upon in Marvel's Spider-Man 2's side missions. It should be noted as well that some of these deaths are a little less permanent than others. I'll explain what I mean as we go along — for now, let's just jump into the worst death in the game.

14. Electro

Before Marvel's Spider-Man 2's main events begin to unravel, Kraven the Hunter sets off for New York City in search of a foe capable of killing him. Presuming that deadbeat crooks make for the best murderers, Kraven begins his hunt by fighting the Sinister Six — most of whom he ends up killing.

The lamest of these conquests turns out to be Max Dillon, AKA Electro. His death is recounted in a voice note by a genuinely upset-sounding Kraven, who remarks that he really wasn't much of a fight at all. He might be a big bad in the Spider-Man movies and comics, but it appears he's easily the weakest of Marvel's Spider-Man 2's villains.

12. Vulture

In the Marvel's Spider-Man games, Adrian Toomes — AKA Vulture — suffers from a form of spinal cancer. So, suffice it to say, hopes weren't high on him being able to defeat Kraven the Hunter in armed combat. In a voice note, we learn that he basically tried to stay out of harm's way by flying around, but Kraven struck him down anyway.

Spider-Man 2 deathsYikes.

13. Shocker

Herman Schultz — AKA Shocker — actually gets a rather surprising and touching send-off in his death-recounting voice note. Kraven reflects on his will to survive and his lack of ego, deeming the ensuing battle "vicious" and "sincere." We don't get to see much of that battle, of course, but it certainly paints a better picture than those last two bozos.

11 - 8. The Kravinoffs

With each Hunter Base you clear out in Marvel's Spider-Man 2, you'll earn a little voice note depicting strife between Sergei Kravinioff — AKA Kraven the Hunter — and his family. Sergei's wife Sasha, his daughter Ana, his older son Vladimir, and his younger son Nedrocci all take turns to express their disappointment in the paternal figure in their life and the repercussions of him abandoning them.
To prove her worth, Ana kills the other three to get to her father. Then, at the end of her own voice message to her father, a bullet shot rings, leaving Spider-Man and Ganke to conclude that all four of the Kravinoffs bar Sergei are dead. It's a pretty exciting series of events, although it would obviously be a lot more exciting if we could see some of it!

7. May Parker (again)

As if it wasn't bad enough that Aunt May dies in the original Marvel's Spider-Man — as part of Miles Morales' and Martin Li's trip into the inner world of Peter Parker, we have to relive the scene in which she dies all over again!

This time, we're at least mercifully spared a look at the heartbreaking moment in which she passes away on the hospital bed. Instead, we linger with Peter as he relives the moment in which he lost the woman who raised him. I mean, points deducted for repetition, but man — this one always stings.

Spider Man 2 deathsDouble yikes.

6. Peter Parker

Speaking of points deducted, you definitely don't get to take the top spot on a character death list if you happen to survive death. There's no doubt in my mind that when Kraven the Hunter shanks Peter Parker with a knife halfway through Marvel's Spider-Man 2, it kills him.

Luckily for Spider-Man, the life-preserving power of Venom was around to bring him back from beyond the pale. A shame really — he could have had a much higher spot. I mean, he is one of the lead characters, that would make for a pretty impactful death.

5. Scream

Mary Jane Watson ends up involuntarily playing host to a symbiote all of her own — a creature known as Scream. One long, emotional punch-up later, Peter Parker is able to free MJ from the alien's control. Without a host, Scream perishes in the dirt, and after a boss fight with that many stages, too right it died.

4. Kraven the Hunter

I'll be honest, reader — I'm a little disappointed with how Kraven the Hunter eventually dies. That's not to say I have any qualms with the manner in which he dies; getting his head bit off by Venom is pretty hardcore for a Spider-Man game. It's all quite tasteful and cinematic, plus there is something rather chilling about Venom's teeth being soaked in blood after the kill.

That said, by the point in which he dies in the story, I still felt like we could have spent more time with the character. He's easily the most fascinating and entertaining new addition to the cast, yet tragically so much of his presence is felt through his Hunters and his influence than via Sergei directly. I'm a sucker for scene-stealing hammy acting, and Kraven was a mighty fine ham, so forgive me if I pettily dock him a few spots for dying too soon for my tastes.

3. Scorpion

I'm sure very few of us felt a great swell of emotion at the death of Mac Gargan — AKA Scorpion. After all, he's both a terrible person and a pretty annoying character; frankly, who didn't want this guy dead? That said, the death of Scorpion is a real surprise and a pretty great tone-setter for Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

It happens early in the game and it feels like the writers explicitly telling you that all bets are off when Kraven's in town. Unlike the rest of the Sinister Six, we also get to watch Scorpion's death in fully rendered glory, so points for execution showing us the action this time.

Spider-Man 2 deathThose little black wisps? That's Venom.

2. Venom

What a way to go. After consuming a chunk of the planet and turning into a heavy metal album cover by growing some gnarly bat wings, you'd think Venom would die in some sort of explosion of hellfire or something. Instead, his charred remains peel off Harry Osborne like kindling in a lit fireplace.

Unlike Kraven, by the time Venom dies, it feels like we've had all the time with him we could ever want. After making his full transformation, Marvel's Spider-Man 2 effectively becomes the Venom show, culminating in a multi-stage boss battle that just keeps going and going. Then, after everyone has been pushed to their limits, to see him just dissolve like that — well, I certainly loved it.

Spider-Man 2 reviewSeabird, fly home.

1. John Howard

The side mission "Howard" ends with friendly neighborhood pigeon guy John Howard passing away as Spider-Man helps relocate his beloved birds. It's a sad and honestly really well-handled piece of storytelling — a quieter moment amongst all of Spider-Man 2's bombast. After a long life, the man dies thinking about the woman he loves and the promises he still has to keep, and it's another reminder that video games can be quite beautiful sometimes.

Well, those sure were some quality deaths — we don't call it one of the best PS5 games released so far for nothing! How would you have ranked the deaths in Marvel's Spider-Man 2? Were you surprised to see anybody written off? Let us know in the comments below!
Written by Lee Brady
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