Foamstars drops 54% of its active PS5 players just two weeks in

Foamstars has seen a big PS5 and PS4 player count drop two weeks on from its PS Plus launch, with the initial rush from curious players slowing considerably.

Foamstars drops 54% of its active PS5 players just two weeks in
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


With the lack of a platinum in those Foamstars trophies to keep players invested and the novelty of the game's PlayStation Plus February 2024 launch behind it, it seems Foamstars is experiencing a precipitous PS5 and PS4 player count drop. According to our exclusive data, the Square Enix live-service title has shed half of its active player base in a single week

PS Plus Essential game Foamstars loses half of its PS5 player base

  • After a strong debut, Foamstars has dropped 54.4% of its PS5 and PS4 player count
  • Initially one of the 10 most popular PS5 games, Foamstars is now ranked #25
  • Player drop-off is exceptionally high for a game with such a successful PS Plus debut
Using gameplay data from 3.2 million active PSN accounts (courtesy of our partnership with GameInsights), we've been tracking the weekly performance of the top 200 most popular PS5 and PS4 games.
Last week, despite the monthly PS Plus games of February 2024 pulling in a low player count, Foamstars had managed to make a debut among the top 10 most popular PS5 games that week (data from week ending Sunday, February 11, 2024).

However, by the end of the following week (ending Sunday, February 18, 2024), Foamstars had dropped 54.4% of its active PS5 and PS4 player count. Where it had previously been ranked as the 8th most popular PlayStation game during its debut week, the Square Enix multiplayer game found itself ranked 25th a week later — overtaken in active player count by other games from 2024 like Persona 3 Reload, Tekken 8, and Helldivers 2.

Why is Foamstars bleeding PS Plus players?

Naturally, PS Plus games tend to see a drop in active player count a week after debuting on the subscription scheme as the novelty of the monthly games fades. That said, that drop-off is usually not as significant as what we're seeing here with Foamstars.

For example, the most popular PS Plus game of January 2024 — Evil West — only dropped 23.49% of its player count in its second week. So, it's clear that what we're seeing here with Foamstars is exceptional and reminiscent of the 2022 day-one PS Plus live-service game Meet Your Maker and its low player count.

While we don't know precisely why so many PlayStation console owners decided to stop playing Foamstars this week, one contributing factor may well have been that previously mentioned PS5 title: Helldivers 2.
Foamstars initially saw more PS5 players than Helldivers 2 in its launch week (it was released two days earlier). However, just one week later, we can see Foamstars losing half of its player base while Helldivers 2 has doubled its active player count.

Of course, there's also the general live-service game fatigue that appears to be affecting gamers everywhere — the market impact of which was enough to convince Sony to delay six live-service games for retooling.

It's a tricky time to be launching an online-driven multiplayer PS5 game like Foamstars — just ask Suicide Squad about its Batman player count problem. It seems if you're not packing Helldivers 2-levels of quality and internet virality, you're pretty much out of luck.
That said, let's not count Foamstars out completely. While the odds are stacked against it — particularly with so many PS5 players vocally championing Helldivers 2 as one of the best PS5 multiplayer games to play right now — it's not strictly impossible for Foamstars to reverse its fortunes. Let me know in the comments if you think that's gonna happen so I know which of my readers are really buying this.

Chart compiled using gameplay data from over 3.2 million active PlayStation accounts (not just TrueTrophies accounts). Chart information is copyright GameInsights. Regarding this data:
  • When an account opens a game, this is registered as a game being played. Accounts can only register a game once per week.
  • Our data is good for suggesting general trends — we represent this using percentages, not numbers.
Written by Lee Brady
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