New Final Fantasy 16 bug affecting PS5 platinum will get fix

Final Fantasy XVI's New Game Plus bug can stop some PS5 players trying to unlock one of the game's hardest trophies dead in their tracks.

New Final Fantasy 16 bug affecting PS5 platinum will get fix
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


Update: Square Enix has announced the below problem affecting Final Fantasy XVI PS5 trophy hunters will be fixed in a patch set to go live on Thursday, May 9, 2024. Until then, you can still use the information below to avoid the issue and continue hunting FFXVI's platinum trophy.
If you've only started unlocking those Final Fantasy XVI trophies — or if you've recently decided to target the game's platinum trophy following the release of The Rising Tide DLC in April 2024 — then you'll want to take steps to avoid a nasty Final Fantasy XVI New Game Plus bug. There is a way to avoid the bug entirely, but if you're not careful you could wind up spoiling your playthrough of one of the best PS5 games around.

Final Fantasy XVI bug ruins New Game+ playthrough

The latest bug comes in the wake of the Final Fantasy XVI platinum trophy patch and affects all owners of the game, not just those who have purchased the recent DLC. The bug was detailed on the game's official X account, with the developers assuring PS5 players that "an update patch will be released to address and resolve the issue."


The bug affects players who have started Final Fantasy XVI's New Game+ mode and who skip the game's prologue. This is an easy bug to trigger for players who have already beaten FFXVI's story. Once you start a New Game+ playthrough, you're immediately given the option to skip the prologue. Choosing to do so might trigger a bug that results in Clive failing to load into the game, stopping you from playing any further.

If you're hunting down Final Fantasy XVI's platinum trophy, you have an above-average chance of running into this particular bug while attempting to unlock the "Fantasy, Finally" trophy. This trophy unlocks after beating FFXVI in a second playthrough on the game's bonus unlockable hard difficulty, "Final Fantasy" mode.

Since New Game+ mode is unlocked at the same time as "Final Fantasy" mode, PS5 trophy hunters are likely to start their second hard mode run with New Game+ selected in order to ease the game's difficulty spike. Should these trophy hunters then choose to skip the game's opening prologue, there's a chance they'll trigger the bug and spoil their Final Fantasy XVI platinum trophy run.


To be clear: it's not just trophy hunters who can encounter this Final Fantasy XVI bug. If you choose to simply replay the game on any difficulty in New Game+ mode, you stand a chance of triggering the bug. It's just more likely to happen to PS5 players chasing the game's "Fantasy, Finally" trophy.

How to avoid Final Fantasy XVI's New Game+ bug

While we wait for Square Enix to issue a new Final Fantasy XVI patch in order to solve these issues, it should be noted that there are two ways to avoid triggering the New Game+ bug.

If you have not started your New Game+ playthrough just yet and have not run into this bug, this first solution is rather easy. All you need to do is choose to play the Final Fantasy XVI prologue chapter from the start rather than skip it when prompted.


You can still skip the game's cutscenes where possible after ignoring the prompt, so it won't take you long to get to where the game usually skips forward to. You'll just have to enjoy (or endure) the game's tutorial and opening flashback segments from start to finish.

The second solution is for players who have run into the Final Fantasy XVI New Game+ bug. As suggested by the developer's blog post, you'll need to first load your save data that was created upon starting New Game+ mode. This save file will bring you to Final Fantasy XVI's end game, where you're free to finish any lingering side quests or replay the game's final battle.

From there, you simply need to open the world map, select a different location, and Fast Travel there. Then, save the game, back out to the main menu, and then start New Game+ mode using this save file. When prompted to skip the game's prologue, you'll still have to ignore this and play the opening chapter of the game. Still, this will at least allow you to salvage your New Game+ playthrough.
For those hunting Final Fantasy XVI's platinum trophy, there is also the option of simply playing "Final Fantasy" mode without carrying over your abilities and gear via New Game+ mode. This will make your playthrough of the game's story significantly harder and you won't have the option to skip the prologue at all, but it's still an option nonetheless.

With Final Fantasy XVI The Rising Tide bringing a PS5 player count boost to the game, a frustrating bug like this could not have come at a worse time. Still, at least the solution is pretty simple, so it shouldn't delay any trophy hunters out there for too long! Let us know in the comments whether you've run into this Final Fantasy XVI New Game+ bug below.
Written by Lee Brady
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