Final Fantasy 16 DLC trophies need a full playthrough to unlock

The Final Fantasy XVI Echoes of the Fallen trophy list is now live, offering six new trophies for PS5 players looking to revisit this RPG.

Final Fantasy 16 DLC trophies need a full playthrough to unlock
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


If you thought your journey collecting those Final Fantasy XVI trophies was over, think again now that one of the best PS5 games around just had its trophy list expanded. The new Final Fantasy Echoes of the Fallen trophy list expands upon the original game's challenges with six new trophies to unlock, including one trophy that will require you to have beaten the game at least once to earn.

First batch of Final Fantasy XVI DLC trophies arrives on PS5

Final Fantasy XVI Echoes of the Fallen was released on Friday, December 8, 2023 as the first in a two-part expansion to FFXVI — one that culminates in the confirmed Final Fantasy XVI Leviathan DLC fans have been speculating about for quite a while. Players can pick up the new DLC from the PS Store and dive into six new FFXVI DLC trophies to unlock.
Final Fantasy XVI Echoes of the Fallen trophies are all hidden, although there's very little in there that I would consider even remotely brushes upon being a spoiler. Still, if you're cautious about that kind of thing, consider this your spoiler warning for the rest of the article as I'm going to lightly detail what PS5 players are in for with these trophies.


Echoes of the Fallen trophies require nearly two full playthroughs

So, most players will be pleased to know that there is only really one tricky challenge in the Echoes of the Fallen DLC list. Four of the trophies will unlock automatically as you progress through the story, and the forging of the "Omega Weapon" to unlock the trophy "My Reward is With Me" requires materials you'll gain automatically from completing the DLC content.

FFXVI LeviathanExpect to face Leviathan on Final Fantasy difficulty as well in 2024.

The only trophy you'll need to take care with is "OMG," which requires you to beat the FFXVI DLC's main boss Omega on "Final Fantasy mode." This is the Final Fantasy XVI's equivalent of a hard mode, though it's worth noting that Final Fantasy mode doesn't unlock until you've completed the game's main story at least once.

What's more, with the Echoes of the Fallen DLC only becoming accessible towards the final mission of the game's story mode, that means you'll essentially need to play through Final Fantasy XVI twice before you can earn this particular trophy. If you've already got the original game's platinum trophy, that'll be no issue for you, just reload your last save on Final Fantasy mode and jump in. For new players, however, just be wary that this will take some time to unlock.
When writing Final Fantasy XVI trophy tips, I advised that players should hold off completing side missions until they've beaten the game's main story at least once. Now, it seems there's one more reason to keep your first playthrough of the game a little shorter. Otherwise, you'll end up having to play the DLC twice as well as a bunch of side missions!

So far, I've found collecting Echoes of the Fallen trophies to be a great little excuse for returning to one of our favorite PS5 exclusives. Will you booting this one up to collect Final Fantasy XVI DLC trophies soon? Let us know down in the comments below.
Written by Lee Brady
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