Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trophy tips — 10 hints for platinum hunters

These 10 Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trophy tips will help make hunting down the PS5 exclusive's platinum trophy a little easier for you.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth trophy tips — 10 hints for platinum hunters
Lee Brady

Lee Brady


Update: Trophy hunters looking to unlock this RPG’s platinum should be made aware that there is currently a Final Fantasy VII Rebirth platinum trophy bug preventing players from finishing their collection. We’ll be sure to update this article whenever the bug has been fixed.
If you want to unlock all 61 of those Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trophies for your PSN account, you'll need to overcome some considerable challenges. To help you out, I've picked out 10 of the most useful Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trophy tips, keeping in mind that some readers might also have jumped straight into Final Fantasy VII Rebirth before playing FFVII Remake and its DLC.


10 tips for FFVII Rebirth trophy hunters on PS5

Now, I don't know about you, but I usually like to see how close I can get to collecting a platinum trophy in a game like FFVII Rebirth without having to use a guide. Instead, I prefer the lighter touch afforded by hints and tips as opposed to having every little detail laid bare for me with walkthrough solutions.
So, in the spirit of not outright spoiling the trophy-hunting experience for you, I've written 10 FFVII Rebirth trophy tips and hints below. For trophies involving FFVII Rebirth's combat and RPG systems, I'll obviously spell these tricks out in a bit more detail. Otherwise, these tips are mostly aimed at improving your overall experience of collecting trophies in FFVII Rebirth without robbing you of the joy of figuring things out for yourself.

Also, these Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trophy tips are spoiler-free — we don't need to touch on the game's story one bit to talk about this stuff. So, without further ado, let's look at some Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trophy tips!

1. FFVII Rebirth's trophy list is long, so take it easy

FFVII Rebirth

First and foremost, let me give some general advice for those looking to unlock Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's platinum trophy: it's going to take quite a long time. Between two story playthroughs and a ton of side content that you'll need to max out, you're looking at a minimum of 150 hours of gameplay before you can unlock that FFVII Rebirth platinum trophy.

I'm not mentioning the game's length up front to dissuade anyone from pursuing the platinum — in fact, I mean quite the opposite. This game's trophy list earns the right to be this long to complete. It's absolutely stuffed to the gills with variety and memorable battles. I can't remember the last time I played a game this chunky that had me this engaged for so long, and that's because there's just that much fresh stuff to do.

Still, it's worth pointing out right up top that, try as you might, you're not going to be able to bash your way through this one. If you feel like you're not going to enjoy Final Fantasy VII Rebirth unless you can blast through its trophy list super-quick, then maybe just hold off on playing it until you're in a more chill place. Otherwise, you're going to frustrate yourself and have a bad time, and that would be a real shame.

One thing that might help you relax for roughly 60 hours: there's a point in Chapter 12 where the game says: "Alright, now is the best time to do all the side content." Until that point, relax, leisurely chip away at whatever content takes your fancy, and don't feel like you have to max any one area out until this point. Full fast travel unlocks in Chapter 12 too, so you can easily move between all the open world areas and complete all the side quests (or "Odd Jobs").

2. Don't panic about the missables

FFVII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has a few trophies that might seem to be missable at first glance — meaning if you miss your chance to collect them in your playthrough, you'll have to start again for a fresh chance to earn them. There are a few trophies that threaten to be this way, like "Card Royalty" and "Stealing the Show" — trophies tied to specific chapters that you might miss if you bash through the story.

If you're anything like me, then the idea of missable trophies being in a game this big will likely fill you with dread, because that means an awful lot of replaying needs to happen if you somehow mess up. However, I'm here to say don't panic — you'll get the chance to earn these FFVII Rebirth trophies again without having to replay the entire game up to that specific chapter.

After beating Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's story, you'll unlock Chapter Select. While you will have to play through that chapter to get to the segment with the missable trophy, you won't have to play through the whole game again, saving you a considerable amount of time should you prove to be unlucky. So, now you can go ahead with your playthrough safe in the knowledge that nothing is completely missable in the game.

3. Don't panic about the relationships

FFVII Rebirth

Similar to the "missable" trophies, I know I was filled with a certain kind of dread once Final Fantasy VII Rebirth introduced its relationship mechanics. If you're not aware, FFVII Rebirth lets you get closer to your party members through shared actions like participating in Odd Jobs, hunting down optional dialogues, and using synergy abilities in battle for the first time.

However, as trophy hunters will likely know, these relationship mechanics usually impact some nightmare-inducing trophies that often require multiple playthroughs to complete. Thankfully, this isn't the case for Final Fantasy VII Rebirth — in fact, there are no trophies directly related to Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's relationship mechanics.

That being said, there is one trophy — "7-Star Hotel" — which is indirectly related to the relationship mechanics. Part of this trophy's criteria involves getting an S-rank on the Loveless musical segment with Aerith, Tifa, and Yuffie. Only one of these characters can be Cloud's date during your playthrough of the story, yet you need to complete all three of these performances on the same save file to unlock. So, panic?

No, like I said: Don't panic. Once you've beaten the game's story, use the Chapter Select option (detailed in the previous section) to go back to Chapter 12. Then, in the game's Settings, go into the "Extra Settings" section and you'll find the option to select your preferred date companion ahead of time. Select whichever characters you still have to finish the date with, get an S rank on the Loveless musical segment, and then repeat Chapter 12 with whoever's left until they're all done.

4. Don't ignore the Item Transmuter

FFVII Rebirth

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth has crafting — something I'm usually pretty down on, but to be honest, FFVII Rebirth handles it pretty tastefully. The game doesn't use crafting resources for anything on the critical story path or any non-optional upgrades, so you can completely ignore the "Item Transmuter" (your personal crafting device) if you'd rather not deal with it.

That said, if you're planning on collecting all the trophies, do yourself a favor and keep crafting new items in the Transmuter as you play. As you craft new items, you'll increase your crafting level, which unlocks the ability to craft better stuff. Some of that better stuff will prove incredibly useful later when you find out that crafting is tied to certain side missions (in particular, I'm thinking about Kyrie's side mission in the Corel region).

One such useful crafting option you can unlock if your crafting level is high enough is the ability to produce "Planet's Spirit" — a resource you can find scattered around Cosmo Canyon, but something you can save yourself time making if you just produce it yourself. It's a vital resource in a lot of high-level items and some side quest resources, so do yourself a favor and start crafting right from the outset. Otherwise, you'll find yourself having to backtrack a lot more than you would otherwise need to.

5. How to unlock the "Staggering Success" trophy

FFVII Rebirth

For those who have played Final Fantasy VII Remake, this FFVII Rebirth trophy will seem very familiar. To unlock "Staggering Success," you'll need to deal 300% damage to a staggered enemy — exactly the same criteria that needed to be met if players wanted to unlock the "Staggering Feat" trophy in FFVII Remake.

However, for those who have never played Remake and have yet to wrap their head around Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's percentage counter on the stagger system, this one can leave you scratching your head. Mercifully, it's a remarkably easy trophy to unlock once you know what you're looking at.

The character you're going to want to use for this is Tifa. If you didn't know, the core effect of Tifa's "Unbridled" attacks (the moves she uses when you press Triangle — the ones you can power up with her "Unbridled Strength" ability) is that they can increase the percentage of damage an enemy takes when staggered.
So, to unlock this trophy, all you have to do is have Tifa's Unbridled attack upgraded to "Rise and Fall" by using Unbridled Strength twice. Do this before staggering an enemy — something that can be done pretty easily if you exploit their weakness or block their attacks. Then, simply unleash Tifa's Unbridled attacks on the enemy.

If it doesn't hit 300% by the time you've used all of your Unbridled attacks, then all you have to do is quickly use Unbridled Strength again and unleash Omnistrike one more time to finish them off. Of course, it's best to try pulling this off on a bigger foe who can take this much damage — perhaps one of the Summons in Chadley's VR missions if you can't think of anything easier to stagger.

Also, it's worth noting that Cait Sith's "Moogle Knuckle" also increases the damage percentage of staggered enemies. However, I mean, it's Cait Sith. Fun as the dude can be to play as once you've got a grip on how he works, he's nowhere near as handy as Tifa. If you really can't get those Unbridled attacks to push over 300%, you could always try having his Moogle Knuckle around as an additional attack to pull this off. Hey, it's your game, I'm not gonna tell you what to do.

6. Advice for unlocking the "Weapons 101" trophy


Again, this one's mainly advice for players who haven't already been through Final Fantasy VII Remake and who might not realize how to increase the proficiency of their weapon abilities. In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, each of your character's weapons has its own special ability which you can permanently add to that character's list of abilities, regardless of which weapon you select, by maxing out that ability's proficiency.

To do that, all you need to do is keep using that weapon's ability whenever you've got some spare ATB charge ready to spend. As an example, spamming Cloud's "Focused Thrust" move — the unique weapon ability of his Buster Sword — will eventually make him proficient in that move and unlock it fully. Do this one time for any one character's unique weapon ability and you'll unlock the "Weapons 101" trophy.

7. Advice for unlocking the "Well-Rounded" trophy

FFVII Rebirth

Following on from the advice for "Weapons 101" above, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's "Well-Rounded" trophy will unlock when you've maxed out the proficiency for all of the game's weapons. Weapons can be added to your party's arsenal by opening purple chests during main missions. Don't worry if you miss any either — you can always purchase the ones you miss from the weapons store in any town.

The only weapons that will take a little longer to unlock are the ones you unlock for Barret, Aerith, Tifa, Yuffie, and Cait Sith from side missions and minigames. If you feel up to it, you could complete all the side content that unlocks these weapons before completing Chapter 12, although remember that you can always finish the story and use Chapter Select to go back to Chapter 12 later to get these.

There are also a bunch of weapons to unlock in Chapter 13 as well, so just keep in mind that you'll have to push past the last free-roaming chapter to get all the weapons. In total, every party member has seven weapons to unlock. Once you've found them all, simply max out the proficiency of each weapon's unique ability, and then voila — you've unlocked the "Well-Rounded" trophy.

8. Advice for unlocking the "Expert Ex-kewh-vator" trophy

FFVII Rebirth

This one's a remarkably easy trophy to unlock, but there's a real possibility that because the game doesn't go into any depth on how to explain it, you might just breeze right past it and never realize how easy it is. You unlock the "Expert Ex-kewh-vator" trophy by using your Chocobo to dig for two items buried by bunnies in the open-world segments of the game.

Basically, whenever you're roaming around Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's world, you'll notice now and then a blue question mark appearing over your Chocobo's head. When that shows up, use your Chocobo's Scent ability to find out where the item is, and then use the Scour ability over the glowing spot to dig it up. Do this twice and the trophy's yours.

As an added visual tip, you'll know you're doing it right when you see rabbits hanging around the spot you're supposed to dig at.

9. Advice for unlocking the "3-Star Hotel" and "7-Star Hotel" trophies

FFVII Rebirth

"7-Star Hotel" is perhaps the most arduous trophy to unlock in all of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The gist is, in itself, fairly simple: you need to complete a collection for Johnny's hotel in Costa del Sol (unlocked by completing his side quests in the Corel region). That collection is 88 items long and collecting 30 of those items will automatically net you the "3-Star Hotel" trophy.

These items are unlocked by performing certain feats while playing the game. Some of these are missable events that occur during the main mission — for example, if you fail to destroy 10 or more crates on the conveyor belt with Cait Sith in the Shinra Manor minigame near the end of Chapter 11, you won't get another shot at it until you unlock Chapter Select.

Some of these items are toys that you can purchase with GP at the Gold Saucer. Some of these items will only become available when you master certain minigames — for example, if you want to purchase the Dio polygonal figurine at the Gold Saucer, you'll first need to beat him in the 3D Brawler minigame.

You can get hints for what all needs doing to unlock this trophy, but here's some general advice if you want to just enjoy your playthrough of the game without overthinking 7-Star Hotel until the late-game trophy clean-up:
  • If it seems like there's a high score or an ideal way to complete any mission, try to get the best outcome
  • Remember: the relationship stuff can be done easily after beating the story
  • You'll naturally bump into a lot of collectibles while completing side missions
  • Take every opportunity possible to dig up items with your Chocobo in the open world. Those rabbits have buried some randomly spawning items — one per major region — and you'll save yourself a lot of repetition if you work these checks in as you do other stuff
The only trophy more time-consuming than 7-Star Hotel is "Virtually Renowned," which you unlock for beating all of Chadley's VR challenges. Unfortunately, there's no ideal advice for that one — you just gotta level up and pray your skill is high enough to beat all of Chadley's Brutal and Legendary VR missions. On the upside, at least you don't have to do all of those to complete 7-Star Hotel!

10. Some trophies are easier on Hard difficulty

FFVII Rebirth

Finally, it's worth remembering that to unlock Final Fantasy VII Rebirth's platinum trophy, you'll need to beat the story again on "Hard" difficulty, which only unlocks after beating the story at least once. You might be tempted, then, to complete all of the trophies in your first playthrough. However, there are a couple that might be a little easier to unlock in your Hard mode run.

For example, "Virtually Renowned" will be brutal to earn no matter what difficulty you play it on. However, additional character manuscripts available exclusively in Hard mode help fully upgrade your characters' stats and abilities, making you better equipped for these intense battles. Plus, VR missions disable item use and the difficulty will remain the same in VR regardless, so it might be smarter to first beat Hard mode and then finish these.

There's also "Grind It Out," which unlocks when one of your party members reaches level 70. This might look like a grind, but with the EXP buffs in Hard mode, it's actually not all that difficult to reach level 70. So, if you feel like this is taking too long in your first playthrough, perhaps leave this for the Hard mode run.

Hopefully that's more than enough information to help kickstart your Final Fantasy VII Rebirth trophy-hunting adventures! As for those of you who are still wondering whether this is the RPG for you, why not read my Final Fantasy VII Rebirth first impressions to get a sense of what it's all about. Let us know in the comments if you have any other advice you want to share to players!
Written by Lee Brady
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