PS Plus monthly games March 2024 — how hard are the new platinums?

What are the easiest and hardest PS Plus Essential trophies of April 2024? Let's dissect these trophy lists and you'll be earning any of these platinums.

PS Plus monthly games March 2024 — how hard are the new platinums?
Sean Lawson

Sean Lawson


The monthly PlayStation Plus April 2024 games will come to PS5 and PS4 on Tuesday, April 2, 2024. So, to help you out in your platinum trophy hunts, we've compiled a guide to tell you what the easiest and hardest PS Plus Essential trophies of April 2024 are. However, if you're heart is set on the easiest of the easy, make sure to check out our easy platinum trophies guide.

PS Plus trophy guide — how easy and how long are the Essential games?

Last month we saw a pretty tame collection of games, with most of them containing easy enough platinums to snatch up. Well, it looks like we can expect a much more difficult set of platinums to earn this month. We have one truly underappreciated AAA game from EA to delve into, a fun Minecraft spinoff, and an excellent PlayStation indie title to plunder.

Check out the grid below to see what trophy lists contain missables and how long each platinum should take to earn.

Game Length Difficulty Missables
Immortals of Aveum tophies 30-40 hours 5/10 8
Minecraft Legends trophies 20-30 hours 7/10
Skul The Hero Slayer trophies 90-100 hours (est) 7/10 6

Immortals of Aveum — trophy list summary

Immortals of Aveum sees you playing as Jak, a powerful magic user who joins an elite order of battlemages to save a world on the edge of the abyss. Using your array of special talents you'll face off against a plethora of enemies who are working against you to try and bring nothing but disorder and chaos to the world. Played as FPS, you'll blast your way through anything that stands in your way, all while exploring a vast open world filled with collectibles and new magic powers to obtain.

When it comes to the trophies, you're in for a balanced difficulty. You'll need to grab every single chest you can in a single playthrough, max out all of your skills, beat the game on its hardest difficulty, and keep note of all the missable trophies. Due to needing a hell of a lot of EXP to max everything out, we recommend two playthroughs to make things easier, first on the easy difficulty and then on the harder difficulty. Currently, the platinum trophy 'Magnus of the Order Elite' has an overall completion rate of 1.40% on PSN.

Minecraft Legends — trophy list summary

Taking the beloved Minecraft gameplay and flipping it on its head is the spinoff, Minecraft Legends. Instead of getting creative and building intricate locations for you to live in, Minecraft Legends is a strategy game that sees you bringing together all the different mobs that usually hound you in your normal Minecraft experiences. You'll be uniting skeletons, creepers, and all the other former enemies you can in order to stand against an invasion by the ravenous piglins before their Nether corruption devours the Overworld.

There are no missable trophies to worry about in this game. However, while the bulk of the trophy list is actually very simple and won't take much effort to earn at all, there is one difficulty-related trophy that completely sours the experience. 'Legendary Hero' asks you to beat the entire game on the Legendary difficulty setting. Something that is surprisingly difficult due to some truly devious bosses. However, if you can brave this task, then the platinum trophy 'True Legend' is as good as yours. Currently, the platinum sits with an overall completion rate of 0.10% on PSN.

Skul The Hero Slayer — trophy list summary

Skul The Hero Slayer is a 2-D action-platformer that boasts rogue-like features such as ever-changing maps that will keep you on your toes as you'll never know what's on the other side of the screen. You play as Skul, the only survivor of a recent attack from the human forces who wish to wipe out all of demonkind. It's up to you to save the day and rescue your friends from these evil humans who would see you erased from history.

The trophy list is going to be a real challenge to get through. While there isn't much information about the game, some users have said it took up to 90+ hours to earn the platinum trophy. There are trophies for beating bosses without taking any damage — all of which are missable — and a variety of other miscellaneous tasks to keep you engaged. Currently, the platinum trophy 'Legend of Harmonia' has an overall completion rate of 0.90% on PSN.

Will you attempt to earn the platinum trophy in any of these titles? Or do you think they are all a bit too much work? If you are looking for what games to be careful of, our unobtainable PS Plus platinum trophies guide will help you dodge any broken trophy lists. Let us know all your thoughts and feelings in the comments below!
Written by Sean Lawson
Sean is a Staff Writer who focuses on the geekiest Sony news. He specializes in PlayStation trophies, the best PS Plus games, RPGs, and fighting games. Sean is using this experience to cover Tekken 8, Dragon Age Dreadwolf, Baldur's Gate 3, and Dragon's Dogma 2 for PS5, all while he still dives into favorite games like Mass Effect, Tomb Raider, and Persona.
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