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The TrueTrophies Hangman 2021 Community Challenge is now live
Hangman has been one of our most popular Community Challenges, and given that it's been almost a year and a half since our last iteration of the event, we thought we'd get our awesome Community and Events Team to put their thinking caps on and come up with another set of game-related phrases for you to guess.

What is the TrueTrophies Hangman Community Challenge?
I'm sure most of you are aware of the basic premise of Hangman, but for those of you that aren't in the know, it's a classic word game where one player thinks of a word or phrase and draws a blank line to indicate each letter, whilst one or more other players try to guess the answer by asking what letters it contains. If a player guesses a letter correctly, the blank spaces are filled in. If a player chooses a letter that isn't present in the word or phrase, they get a strike, and part of a hangman is drawn. If the player guesses the word correctly they win, but if they choose eight letters that aren't present, they lose.

For our TT Hangman community challenge, we're going to make it a little bit harder. Once you are registered and then click Start new Hangman from your event page, you will be assigned a random gaming-related phrase from our pool of answers. You can guess a letter from your chosen phrase by using the first character of your trophy unlocks. Guessing a letter correctly will replace the blank spaces within the phrase, whereas guessing incorrectly will use up one of your strikes and draw part of the hangman.

The challenge is already open, and to register all you need to do is head over to the TT Hangman Challenge hub and hit the "Register Now" button.

Please note that as soon as you click the "Start new Hangman" button, your trophy unlocks will start counting as guesses.

The challenge ends on Monday, October 18th at 11:00am UTC. You can register at any time during the event, however, all trophies must be unlocked and scanned in by the closing date for them to count, and you must have filled in each of the blank spaces to complete the challenge.

While the event is running, you'll be able to track your progress with the handy panel that will appear on your profile page once you start the event. We've also added a useful link for you to find locked trophies from your games that start with a letter of your choosing!.

Which trophies count?
Trophies must be earned online and have a valid timestamp.
Only trophies from games will be valid. App trophies do not count.
Only trophies that start with a letter are valid.
Trophies starting with a special character (such as those with ümlauts or tilde) do not count. Only those in the English alphabet are included.

What happens when I've unlocked all the letters?
If you have completed your first phrase, you can get another random one by going to your Contest Challenge page (you can get there by clicking the View Challenge Page button on the Hangman panel on your homepage, or by clicking your PSN Name in the tabs on the Hangman Challenge hub). Click on 'Start new Hangman' to grab another phrase and start guessing more letters!

Is there a prize?
As with all of our community challenges, everyone can be a winner in the TT Hangman Community Challenge. If you successfully fill in all of the blank spaces from your given phrase before the closing date, you'll be awarded a new Community Challenge badge on your TrueTrophies profile (or an upgrade on the colour if you already have one).

Please note the Community Challenge badge is only for completing your first challenge.

Is it possible to fail a phrase?
Please be aware that failure is possible. You are allowed to make seven incorrect guesses. Eight incorrect guesses will result in the final piece of the hangman being drawn and the end of the puzzle. Guessing the same letter again will not count as an incorrect guess.

Rare letters
This year, we've made a tweak to the contest. If you have made 6 incorrect guesses and your phrase contains letters that have a relatively low number of trophies tied to them, we will show you a button offering you the opportunity to auto-fill those rare letters. Using this button on your first phrase will not prevent you from unlocking your Community Challenge badge.

Useful links
TT Hangman Challenge hub
TT Hangman Challenge FAQs
TT Hangman Challenge forum
TT Hangman Challenge stats

Happy hunting and good luck to everyone that takes part!
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The TrueTrophies walkthrough team is now recruiting
The TrueTrophies Walkthrough team is looking for some new recruits to help organise and proofread the walkthroughs that the community create to help all of our members to complete their games.

We are delighted to announce that IronInvoker47 has been promoted to Walkthrough Manager, and we would like to appoint some new Walkthrough Overseers to join the team.

Alongside managing walkthroughs, your primary task will be proofreading walkthroughs and supporting other writers in the best way possible. Having a good knowledge of English grammar and vocabulary is a vital part of the role. However, you'll also need to be aware that there are some non-English writers who try their best to write very detailed walkthroughs. If you are interested in joining the team, please apply by answering the following questions, then sending them to IronInvoker47.

Please try to somehow separate your questions and answers in a discernible way.

1) Tell us a bit about yourself. How old are you and where are you from?
2) What languages can you write/speak and are you fluent in the English language?
3) About how much time would you be able to spend on our team during the week on average? (Try to estimate, no need for a specific answer)
4) How many times in an average week do you check your messages and threads?
5) Why do you want to join the walkthrough team?
6) How would you work to check spelling and/or grammar mistakes?
7) What methods would you use to discover content that is plagiarised from other sources?
8) Have you ever applied for other teams on TT or have you been active as a staff member before?
9) How would you feel about proofreading a walkthrough for a game that you have yet to play or finish?
10) Do you feel that you could correctly determine that information given is correct about a game that you have played?
11) Have you been involved with any walkthroughs on TT in the past?
12) Are there any suggestions you think that may be worth it to look into?
13) How do you feel about working in a team and what is your stance about the communication within?
14) Do you prefer a certain genre, or type of games to work with?
15) Proofread the following section and make all necessary changes to it:
when you get too,the next secton of this level you should be abel to now accquire a new item that will help u move farther along in the game,please be aware that after this you should save all of youre progress other wise the trophy may become Might be noteded that Their our unobtainables N this game Because the games severs Have been shut down And because of this U cant earn the online trophies unless U playd the game before that. i hope u like my walkthrough for this game and i hope you got every trophie in the game thank u 4 readng
Good luck to everyone that applies!
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Keep Up With TrueTrophies on the Google News App
Keeping up with the PlayStation news can be hard. Luckily, to help absolve yourself of this duty, TrueTrophies can now be added to the Google News app as a favourite source on Apple and Android devices. Let us get you up and running.

What is Google News?
Google News is a smart news aggregator that can learn what topics and sources you would like to be in a news roundup. With all of this cleverness, Google News can send you notifications if a website posts something new or give you a daily briefing. If you can think of a topic — PlayStation, for example — or a specific site you like — such as TrueTrophies — then it can be added as a direct source making it easier for you to get your fix TT goodness. If you are signed in to a Google account, then the app is good to go. Download the app from Google Play for Android or the iTunes Store.

Keep Up With TrueAchievements on the Google News App

How Do I Add TrueTrophies As A Source?
The first step is opening up the Google news app on your phone that you have just downloaded. We have highlighted it in red so you know exactly what to look for!

finding the app

Hit the search icon in the top left and type TrueTrophies.


You should be able to see our News Source icon, so now just press the star button drop us into your favourite sources. If the star is filled in, that means you've added us.


If everything has gone swimmingly, then we will appear in your "For You" queue. Clicking the search button at the top and searching for TrueTrophies will now send you straight to us for all the fabulous content we write.

How Do I Control What News Stories I See?
Google News is constantly adapting to what kind of stuff you are looking at — even those pictures of cute baby gorillas you love — and then adjusting your feed to show you a range of non-gaming topics. If you are fed up with seeing a topic or a source — maybe you like baby flamingos instead — then hit the three dots next to the offending article and select hide stories from that source forever, or thumb down the topic with "Fewer stories like this" on Android. Google will work out what's going on in no time and ensure you are only indulging in the best-of-the-best content.

Keep Up With TrueAchievements on the Google News App

On Android, you are able to pop the TrueTrophies Google News page on your home screen, share us as a source to other Google users, or enable push notifications for fresh TrueTrophies content. On Apple, you are able to add TrueTrophies directly to Siri.

tt tab right

As a growing site, full of nieve but (mostly) good-natured hopes and aspirations, we would love you to stay with us. Engaging with us on Google like this will help us do exactly that, enabling us to create better content for you and help grow our vibrant community. We can't wait to keep talking PlayStation with you in the forums, comments sections, and articles!
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Introducing Jake Jump, a new TT community event starting next week
Hello! To help with the recovery from Bean Dive 2021, we have an all-new community event called Jake Jump. Getting your percentages back up has never been so much fun!

Jake Jump 2021 new community event TrueTrophies

What is Jake Jump?
Over on TA, a chum named Clever Jake helped us come up with a new event. Jake Jump is a simple score contest that requires you to delve into the back catalogue and begin popping trophies from uncompleted lists. The longer it's been since you popped a trophy in the game, the more points you get. For Jake Jump scoring, trophies have a base value of one point, with an additional point for every year since you last popped a trophy. So, anything you have been playing or have started to play this year is worth a singular point, but the further back you reach, the more points you will come out with. For example, let's say you finally go back to play one of the most underrated racers of all time, 2010's Split/Second: Velocity, having not played since launch. So, you go back to that part-finished list and you finally — finally! — get the Beat the Team II: The Revenge trophy. First of all, you are filth. That trophy sucks, so pat yourself on the back. Secondly, congratulations! You have earned a humongous 12 Jake Jump points! That Clever Jake is jumping for joy, all right. Any further trophies you unlock would be worth one point, however, as the last trophy would now have been from this year. Make sense? Cool.

truetrophies jake jump

This should help you lot get into your back catalogues, rediscovering games you left in the past, and getting your completion percentages back up to where they should be. There are plenty of great titles to download across the PS3, PS4, PS5, and the trusty Vita. If you want to go back to PS3, just remember that PlayStation Now is a thing and there is normally a free month if you haven't used the service before. Now you don't have to be using that XMB with a dusty Sixaxis and a plane engine console — you can just stream the games. Please, though, make sure that you are online while you compete in Jake Jump. The timestamps are essential for us to be able to verify the time between your trophies and give you those points.

Is there a Community Challenge/badge?
You betcha, sunshine! Getting a trophy in literally any game will confirm to us that you are participating. If you manage 40 points in total, cheeky little devil, you will earn the Community Challenge completion and badge. Keep going beyond 40, though, to see how far you can creep the leaderboards and recover your average percentage from the Bean Dive!

When does it begin?
Jake Jump begins the moment the Bean Dive 2021 ends, on July 12th at midday UTC — that's 5am PT/8am ET/1pm BST/2pm CET. The contest will be running for three weeks, shuttering on August 2nd at the same time as it opened.

How do I join in?
The Jake Jump Hub, baby! There, you can hit the 'Register now' button, and off you trot! Registration is ready to go ahead of the official start time. If you rock up late, don't worry — registration will remain open for the entirety of the event and will close on August 2nd.

That was our comprehensive guide to Jake Jump! If you want additional information, feel free to peruse the handy Jake Jump FAQ. If you come out unsatiated, get into the comments and ask for help. We are normally in there just waiting to help!

We here at the TT cannot wait to see how this plays out, so giving us feedback and suggestions will help us improve and develop our events. Most of all, though, enjoy!
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TT Bean Dive 2021 event starts tomorrow
The fifth TT Bean Dive event is here! This just-for-fun event is designed to get you working through that backlog you've been putting off forever — here's everything you need to know to get involved.

tt bean dive 2021

What is Bean Dive?
Named after the TrueAchievements legend that is Beanpotter, Bean Dive is a community event that is all about starting all those new games we say we're going to play, then never do. The goal of Bean Dive is to try and earn a single trophy in a game where you haven't yet unlocked any, before moving onto the next game. Sure, your completion percentage is going to take a battering, but that just gives you even more incentive to actually play all these new games, unlock their trophies, and get your stats looking healthy again!

When does it begin?
Bean Dive starts on July 2nd at midday UTC — that's 5am PT/8am ET/1pm BST/2pm CET — and runs until the same time on July 12th. While you'll still be able to start new dives after this time, your stats won't be tracked as part of the event if you do.

How do I join in?
Simply head over to the TT Bean Dive 2021 hub to get started. Once the event begins, all you need to do is click the 'Start my dive' button, then you can get cracking with all those shiny new games and single trophies while your ratio weeps. When you've gone as deep as you dare into your backlog, return to the event hub and click 'Finish my dive' to bring the madness to an end. Do make sure your most recent trophies have been scanned before you finish up, mind, or they may not count towards your stats!

That should just about do it, but if you still want to find out more, Beanpotter has put together a great Bean Dive 2021 FAQ over on TA which should have you covered. Oh, and keep an eye on the site once Bean Dive ends too, as we've got a new contest in the works which should be arriving shortly after...

Good luck, and enjoy the beans! dive
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