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The TrueTrophies Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge Returns for 2020
It's fair to say that 2020 has been more than a little bit unusual. But one thing that isn't going to be different this year is your favourite PlayStation website giving you a fun and festive way to game through December.

Yes, you guessed it – the TrueTrophies Twelve Days of Christmas Challenge is returning for 2020 – and it's starting this Tuesday, December 1st.

TrueTrophies' 12 days of Christmas

What is The Twelve Days of Christmas Community Challenge?
Each day starting from Tuesday, December 1st through to Saturday, December 12th, the TT Community and Events team are going to reveal a new challenge at 10:00am UTC. The mini challenges will involve unlocking certain types of trophies – for example unlocks from a certain genre, or trophies that have a certain flag or trophy colour. Each consecutive challenge will require one more trophy to be unlocked than the last, just like the Christmas carol. You can keep track of each new daily challenge by checking the news story on the TT homepage, or by checking the event hub once the challenge is live.

To make things a little easier, you have until the end of December to complete the full set of 12 challenges – you don't have to complete them on the day they come out. You also don't need to worry about other unrelated trophies you unlock on the way to completing a certain challenge – you won't break your challenge streak by unlocking something that doesn't meet the requirements. However, you do have to complete each challenge in order to unlock the next one – trophies won't count towards the challenge for Day 8, for example, if you have only completed up to Day 4.

Once you've registered for the event you will find a panel on your homepage that will always display the current challenge you are working on. Underneath will be a link to all of the locked trophies in your Game Collection that could satisfy the current requirement.

How to Register for The Twelve Days of Christmas Community Challenge

Registration for the Twelve Days of Christmas Community Challenge is now open!

Just head over to the Twelve Days of Christmas hub and hit the "Register now" button on the page to join in.

Players can continue registering throughout the event but all of the daily challenges must be completed by 01:00am UTC on January 1st for them to count.

Is There a Prize?
Everyone who manages to complete the entire list of challenges before January 1st at 01:00am UTC will get a Community Challenge badge on their profile (or a colour upgrade to the existing badge, for those that have participated in our challenges in the past).

Useful Links
Twelve Days of Christmas Community Challenge Hub
Twelve Days of Christmas Community Challenge Leaderboard
Twelve Days of Christmas Community Challenge Forum
Twelve Days of Christmas FAQ

We hope you enjoy this festive event from the Community and Events Team. Happy Holidays!
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Black Friday: TrueTrophies Pro account sale is now live
Today is Black Friday — the time of year when you can normally find some pretty good bargains.

We thought it would be a good idea to join in the fun and so we are offering a great deal on TrueTrophies Pro accounts!

You can currently get three years of Pro for only $45/£30/€45 — that's a saving of 50% compared to purchasing consecutive 6 month subscriptions!

What is a TrueTrophies Pro account?
A TrueTrophies Pro account is an upgraded account on the website that gives you a whole host of additional functionality and features:

Super-fast scanningWhen you have a Pro Account, you get moved onto a super-fast scanner that checks your PSN trophy count and updates your trophies every half an hour. You are also automatically queued for a scan the second you log into the site, so most of the time you'll not be needing to click the update button on your gamer menu to see your stats in real-time. But if ever you do want to update manually, you can force an update as many times as you want.

No advertsMost people don't like adverts, but they help to cover the costs of running the website. Pro account holders don't see any ads on the site, which makes the browsing experience faster and more pleasant, especially on a mobile device.

Custom gamer page backgroundsPro account holders can set the background image on their gamer page to the main image from any game, not just show the one they most recently played.

Game collection perksPro users can download a backup of their game collection, as well as their compare their collection and game progress with up to 5 gamers at one time.

Expanded functionality across various aspects of the sitePro users also have multiple expanded features compared to regular accounts:
Up to 70 items in your Trophy Case
Up to 20 un-registered friends in your feed
Up to 100 active Gamer Goals at any one time
Up to 50 site leaderboard tracking bots
Up to 1000 items in your To-Do List
Up to 6 series panels on your homepage
Voting on up to 15 site wish list ideas

What if I already have a Pro Account?Any additional years of Pro you purchase will be added on to the end of your existing subscription.

Can I use make use of this offer as a gift?Yes, you can gift a Pro account to anyone on the site by click on the "..." menu on their gamer page and choosing Gift Pro account. This offer also applies for gifted Pro accounts.

To upgrade your account to a Pro account now, please click here.
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PlayStation 5 games, time tracking and trophy progress are now live on TrueTrophies
The development team here at TrueTrophies has been working hard on integrating all of the new PlayStation Network and PlayStation 5 features into the site, and after a lot of tweaking and testing, those features are all now live.

What are the new features?

PlayStation 5 trophies are now tracking properly
Obviously the first thing we needed to do was get your shiny new PS5 trophies pulling into the site, and that's now working properly (yes, even before has them!). This has taken a little time to get 100% right, so thank you for your patience while we've been working on the scanners.

Gameplay time tracking
Probably the most interesting new addition is gameplay time tracking. This is live for all games that support it (which looks to be the vast majority of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games).

You can see your time played stat in the game header of any game you've played:

Gameplay time trackingGameplay time tracking

At the moment, we are updating your time played statistics whenever you are scanned if you have a TrueTrophies Pro Account, irrespective of whether you've earned a trophy or not. Non-pro users will have their time played stats updated whenever they are scanned after winning a trophy.

Note: The times shown are coming directly from PSN - any issues with the time shown is due to problems on PSN rather than TrueTrophies.

Trophy progress
PSN now supports Trophy Progress for developers that want to offer it (about half of the released PlayStation 5 games currently include the feature). This means that on some trophies you can see how close you are to completing the requirements needed to unlock the trophy:
Trophy progress indicatorTrophy progress indicator

Supported games include Dead by Daylight, Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition.
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#MyPlayStationStory — your personal PlayStation history as we enter the next generation
Now the PlayStation 5 has arrived for those of us lucky enough to get a pre-order, we thought it would be the perfect time to take stock and look back at everything each of us has done on the PlayStation platform since the first games with trophies were launched back in November 2008.

We've created MyPlayStationStory — a personalised and easily sharable infographic containing cool stats and interesting information based on all of your PlayStation gaming for the last 12 years.

The best way for you to explore the data is to use the link above to go to the page and check our your own graphic, but some of the highlights include:
Your first and rarest trophies on each platform
Your first, fastest, slowest and rarest game completion on each platform
A heatmap calendar showing your most active months for trophies won since 2008
Your longest trophy streak (consecutive days of earning at least one trophy)
The total value of the games you've played (based on their price at launch)
The total hard disk space you would need to install all of the games you've played
Your most played series
A breakdown of the genres you've played the most

If you don't have a TrueTrophies account, you'll need to create one, and we'll gather your data and let you know as soon as your infographic has been built (it should be ready within minutes).

Here's an example infographic from long-term TrueTrophies member StuTheChief:

Undecided whether you will be joining us in the next generation? Check out our PlayStation 5 review.
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The TrueTrophies scanners are currently offline while we upgrade them for PS5 scanning
Good morning everyone

It's PlayStation 5 launch day (for some countries)! And with the launch comes some new trophy functionality (such as trophy tracking progress). We have some new APIs to integrate with as well as some database changed to allow for the new information.

Because of this work, we are taking the TrueTrophies scanners offline at various points over the next day or so while we test the new code.

We will do our best to keep this disruption to a minimum, while at the same time trying to keep the TT Pro Scanner running so Pro users can at least keep their scores and trophies up to date.

Thank you for your patience during this time, and we'll have the scanners back up as soon as we can.

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We are recruiting!
As you probably know, maintaining TrueTrophies' game and trophy information, running community events, and keeping the forums clean and the leaderboards free from cheaters are tasks that are handled by small teams of TrueTrophies community volunteers.

We are now looking for new recruits to for many of our teams: Community Events, Moderation, Investigations and Game Information. Below, you can find a summary of what being a member of these teams involves, and how you can apply to join them if you'd like to help out.

Community Events
The Community Events Team co-ordinates with the TrueAchievements Community Events Team to devise and run all of the events we run on the sites - such as GTTSC, Warboats and Leap Frog. As well as discussing new events, they work on tweaking the rules to keep our regular events fresh, and also monitor the forums when the events go live to spot any issues (spoiler - there's always a few issues!).

If you would like to apply for this team, please send a PM to TrueTrophy with some information about yourself, why you would like to join this team, and what your favourite events have been so far.

This team is managed by the TrueTrophies Investigations Manager, and the membership of this team is kept a secret.

The TrueTrophies Investigations Team is responsible for removing trophy cheaters from statistic calculations and leaderboards. Cheaters ruin the site for everyone by deflating TT ratios with false trophies, which directly affect leaderboard standings. The team uses a number of detective-like methods to determine if someone has cheated trophies in a game. When an investigator finishes their investigation, they will present the specific trophies cheated and supporting evidence to the accused, who will then provide a defense. The team will then vote guilty or not guilty, and a loss of tracking privileges will occur if the accused is found guilty. It is imperative that all team members must remain anonymous. You will not be permitted to reveal your or anyone else on the team's identity to anyone on the site, including other staff with the exception of site admins.

If you would like to apply for this team, please read the TT cheat policy found here: Cheat Policy before sending answers to the following questions in a PM to TrueTrophy:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

The Moderation Team is in charge of making sure our community follows the Site forum and posting policies. This ensures TrueTrophies is a safe and welcoming place for all of our users.

If you would like to apply for this team, please send a PM to TrueTrophy with some information about yourself and why you would like to join this team.

Note: We'll be looking for active members of the forum that show maturity in their posts.

Game Information
The Game Information Team is responsible for maintaining pretty much all aspects of game information. This includes things like:
Adding information to all games and DLC packs that scan to the site
Adding and editing trophy flags
Maintaining Series, Company information, and other site metadata related to Game Info

The work the GI team do is very important for the site, and integrates into almost all aspects of the community. If this excites you, and you work well with others then please send an application to Shadow_Kisuragi via a private message.

Here are the application questions:

*** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

Important Information
Please note that all of these positions are volunteer roles and are not paid positions. Communication for each of the teams is normally done via discord, so you will need a discord account if you are successful in your application.

Good luck to everyone that applies, and thank you for wanting to make the community even better!
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How TrueTrophies will handle the new trophy value and trophy level changes
Hopefully you've seen by now that Sony have made changes to the trophy level values and those changes are being rolled out at the moment.

What was not announced in the original PlayStation Blog post was the additional change that is being made to the value of the Platinum trophy.

Previously, trophy XP was awarded for the four trophy types using the following values:
Bronze trophy - 15 XP
Silver trophy - 30 XP
Gold trophy - 90 XP
Platinum trophy - 180 XP

Most of our users that are familiar with how the True scoring works here on TT will be aware of these values.

However, as of today, we have calculated that Platinum trophies are now worth 300 XP. This will have a big impact on TrueTrophy scores as soon as we reflect that change here, and at the same time will cause absolute chaos in the first period of scoring in the GTTSC.

In order to prevent the contest being completely derailed, we are going to do the following (all times are UTC):
Allow GTTSC Period 1 to end as normal at 1pm on Monday 12th October before making any changes
Normal eliminations will take place at that point based on the current scoring rules
When period 2 starts at 1pm on Monday, we will set the period length to 24 hours and set the eliminations to zero for that period
We will then set the Platinum trophy to 300 XP and recalculate the true scores for the entire site - trophies, games and gamers
Those changes will be complete by the time period 2 ends at 1pm on Tuesday - with no eliminations
Period 3 will start at 1pm on Tuesday and be set for 6 days long with normal elimination numbers
Period 3 will end at 1pm on Monday 19th October and Period 4 will start and be back to the regular 7 day length

This gives us a full 24 hours to update all the stats in the site, and set up the new True Trophy levels, without breaking the contest.

Note: by setting period 2 eliminations set to zero, trophies scanned in during period 2 will effectively not count for the contest, although they will still show in the contest stats (which will also be thrown out of whack somewhat by Sony's changes, but there's not a great deal we can do about that).

While this plan looks quite complicated, I feel it's the fairest way to keep the site up to date, while at the same time maintaining some sort of integrity for the contest.

Thank you for your patience on Tuesday (scores may look a little wonky for a while), and happy trophy-hunting!

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