TT@EGX 2016: Sniper Elite 4 Debuts Co-op Campaign Gameplay

By Rebecca Smith,
Rebellion brought two of their games to EGX, one of which was Sniper Elite 4. This game will once again feature a co-op campaign and the game's lead designer Paul Wright and Rebellion's community manager Rob Dale took to the stage to demonstrate co-op gameplay for the first time on the large Viaduct level. Rebellion's head of creative Tim Jones provides the commentary. As usual with live gameplay demos, things don't go according to plan...

Rebellion also showcased the most recent trailer for the title. If you don't want to stream the presentation above, check it out below:

As you might have noticed at the end of that trailer, players who pre-order the title will receive a pre-order bonus that will now be rather familiar to fans of the series. In case you didn't kill Hitler before, he's come back to life and is awaiting the business end of a sniper rifle once again.

In TARGET FÜHRER, players will once again set their sights on history’s most notorious tyrant in a forgotten corner of the Mediterranean where a secret Nazi U-boat facility threatens Allied shipping. When agent Karl Fairburne attempts to assassinate the base’s Commander, he finds his target already dead, executed in person by a shadowy visitor. And with this, Karl’s mission has changed: TARGET FÜHRER!
Pre-order bonus

As well as the TARGET FÜHRER campaign mission, those who pre-order the game will also receive a "Camo Rifles Skin Pack", which includes camo skins for seven of the game's WW2 rifles.

Grab a friend and set your sights on the big time when Sniper Elite 4 is released on February 14th, 2017. In fact, why not grab your significant other and make it a date night — there's nothing more romantic on Valentine's Day than becoming the next Bonnie and Clyde.

We've got the full list of Sniper Elite 4 trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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