PS+ Games for September Revealed

By Brandon Fusco,
That's another month in the bag, which means it's time for another month of free games for PlayStation Plus members. Sony has revealed the slate of games coming for September 2016.

Probably the true gem of this month is that the critically acclaimed Journey will be available for PS4. The premise of completing your journey is pretty simple, but it's the fluidity of the movement, the interactivity between players, the gorgeous art style, and the breathtaking score that make this a one of kind experience the likes of which games such as ABZÛ hope to recapture.

The other PlayStation 4 game this month is the action RPG Lords of the Fallen. In this, you take the role of Harkyn, a criminal whose sins have been tattooed to his face, who has been freed from prison to help stop an evil god from retaking the land and ruling over humanity. The game shares some conventions with the Souls series such as the slow, strategic combat, but it has a system by which players can increase how much experience they gain by avoiding checkpoints and other sensible measures with the risk being that death could cost them all of that accrued experience.

Forgotten Sands

PS3 gamers can look forward to Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, a side story to the main Prince of Persia trilogy. While the game retains many of the features of the series, most notably the inclusion of all sorts of sand creatures and time manipulation powers, it also adds new elemental abilities for the Prince to master. The game fills in part of the gap between The Sands of Time and Warrior Within.


Datura will also be available for PS3 gamers, and will allow use of move controllers should you have them. The game sees the player lost in the woods after crashing in an ambulance, and follows the player as they explore.

Screenshot 2

On Vita, Amnesia: Memories (Vita) will be free. You're memory is completely gone, and it's up to you to rewrite your love story. The player has five different romantic paths, some leading to happiness and others to potential ruin. Good luck in your new love life.


Finally, on all three platforms, Badland will be available. Players will take control of flying blobs as they make their way through colorful and dangerous environments. Can you save the cute little fuzz-puffs?

All of these titles will be made free to PlayStation Plus subscribers on or about September 6th. Which games are you most interested in? Will you play Journey again? Let us know below!
Brandon Fusco
Written by Brandon Fusco
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