Introduction to Two New Indies at PAX West

By Rebecca Smith,
Over the past couple of years, Microsoft has held an event called the ID@Xbox Pre-PAX Open House and this year is no exception. Why is this relevant? Because two of those titles that will be attending that event this year will also be coming to Playstation 4 and we're yet to have heard anything about them. As such, here's a brief introduction to each of those games:

Armed and Gelatinous

Three Flip Studios' arena-style shooter makes players assume the role of one of four gelatinous blobs that is stranded in the far reaches of space. Each of these blobs must pick up weapon crates that have been jettisoned from transport vessels. The more weapons that you absorb, the bigger you get but be aware that this also makes you much slower. There will be several game modes with different targets for winning the local multiplayer matches.


NextGen Pants' Tetroidvania title is a mix of falling block puzzles and a metroidvania style open world. In the game's world, thousands of puzzle pieces are created every day, purely for the purpose of playing "The Game". Only perfect puzzle pieces will do. Those imperfect pieces are shunned by society and are decommissioned, forced to find their own way in society. To do this, players can rearrange the map and build their own paths, all while uncovering secrets and gaining new upgrades and abilities.

Armed and Gelatinous will be released later this year, whereas those who are eager to try out Refactor will have to wait until early next year.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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