HUNTDOWN Teaser Trailer Released

By Keith Gray,
HUNTDOWN is a new side-scrolling arcade shooter that will see players thrust into the criminal world that has began to overcome the city's authorities. Those who should be in charge have been forced to call in the help of Bounty Hunters to deal with the scourge of gangs in the city.


Developed by two Swedish self-proclaimed gaming geeks, HUNTDOWN offers action-packed and varied 2D cityscapes through which to jump, run, and shoot in order to bring the offending gangs to justice and return the city environment to normality. The game has received the backing of Square Enix's The Collective project for independent developers. As part of that project, Square Enix has confirmed that the title will include 45 unique levels across 5 different gameplay areas, with each area having its own gang, and their boss, to deal with. Furthermore, a selection of different bounty hunter groups are playable, increasing the replayability of the title.

The following short teaser trailer has been released to demonstrate the action that can be expected:

The game is slated for release on "consoles", but as yet the expected release date has not been confirmed.

We've got the full list of Huntdown trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Written by Keith Gray
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