New Wardrobe Update and Theme Music for BUD in Grow Up

By Damien Knox,
In Ubisoft's new title Grow Up, the sequel to their title Grow Home, your main character BUD will have some new outfits. These outfits are not only to enhance BUD's looks — they will help you as you're headed off to a new planet and moon to save MOM.

Laura Hutton, an artist with Reflections (of Ubisoft Studios), talked with PlayStation.Blog about the upcoming title, the changes to BUD's wardrobe, and her background with Ubisoft. With a more massive world than the previous game, Laura discusses the need for the additional ensembles and the inspiration of from where they came.


The goggles on the BUG suit were inspired by Dame Edna Everage's famous spectacles, for example. Laura also mentioned a childhood memory of a scarecrow named Tatty Bogle that helped to spark off another suit. These suits not only provide a different style, they are also functionally different and give BUD new abilities; for example, the aviator outfit gives you a double speed boost glider.

Early test feedback has left Laura with the reminder of why she loves making games. One user said: "The BUG suit is going to be my son's favourite". With comments like that showing how others enjoy what is a labor of love, her hope is that users enjoyment is as great as her enjoyment when creating the game.

Prior to Grow Up, Laura was an artist on Tom Clancy's The Division. There is a massive shift in styles from that game to this title. In addition, moving from a AAA title to a smaller team allows for a greater collaboration with the full team and increased ownership of different aspects of the game. Some of these are specially hidden surprises of which not even her art director was aware until the very end.


Also released is the main theme music from composer Luke Sanger. The playful electronic melody can be heard below.

Grow Up will be released on August 16th, 2016.

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Damien Knox
Written by Damien Knox
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