Sudden Strike 4 Brings the Real Time Strategy Franchise Back to Life

By Rebecca Smith,
Sudden Strike is a franchise that may not be familiar to you. Released solely on PC, the real time strategy titles saw players take on the role of either the Soviets, Germans or Allies in a series of battles that focused mainly on tactics, rather than bases and the gathering of resources. The last instalment in the franchise, Sudden Strike: The Last Stand, was released in 2010. For six years, the franchise has been lying dormant... until now. Thanks to a new developer, Kite Games, and publisher Kalypso media, the franchise will be making its return in the form of Sudden Strike 4 and it will be making its debut on console, too.


Sudden Strike 4 is not a remake or a reboot of the franchise; instead, it is "fully-fledged series entry" that brings new features as well as some of the more familiar touches. Once again, players will face three "extensive" campaigns that follow the British and American forces as they storm the beaches of Normandy, take the role of the Germans as they storm Ardennes, or help the Soviet troops to defend Moscow during World War II. The three campaigns offer more than 20 scenarios between them, during which players will be able to determine the outcome of significant WWII battles.

Sudden Strike 4 offers countless ways to vanquish your opponents. Exploit the weak spots of tanks, set up an ambush, occupy buildings with infantry, outmanoeuvre the enemy with clever positioning or unleash devastating air strikes – how you approach each mission is up to you!
There will be up to over 100 different units from which to choose, such as the German bomber Heinkel He111, Panzerkampfwagen VI Tiger or the Königstiger tank. The Russians will have units like the T-34 tank or the Katyusha rocket launcher, while the British will get the Hawker Typhoon fighter plane. One of the franchise's new features will be the ability to select one of nine individual commanders to lead your troops onto the battlefield. Each commander, such as George Patton or Bernard Montgomery, will have their own approaches to combat and unique abilities.

As well as the single-player campaigns, the game will include a skirmish mode that has a focus on challenges and a competitive multiplayer mode for up to eight players. There will also be a rewards system that gives out skill points and bonus content, such as historical film footage of events that were happening during World War II.

All of this will be making its console debut on Playstation 4 during Q2 2017.

We've got the full list of Sudden Strike 4 trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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