Borderlands 2 "Wattle Gobbler" DLC Coming November

By knight0fkh0nshu, 6 years ago
Borderlands 2 was release just over a year ago, but content keeps flowing from Gearbox Software to give long-term gamers something fresh to play, as well as newcomers.

T.K. Baha's DLC, the first of the "Headhunter" themed DLC, was just released last week for Borderlands 2. The Headhunter series puts players back into Pandora in self-contained story missions that ultimately lead to a boss battle. The kicker? When players defeat the boss, they receive that unique boss' head for their characters to wear.

The second Headhunter DLC has been teased by Gearbox Software, titled Wattle Gobbler. No official details have been released on what this DLC will include or what enemies players will face (giant turkey, anyone?), but they have confirmed that it will arrive at an unspecified date sometime in November.