F1 2016 Career Mode Becomes More Immersive Than Ever

By NexusGrunt,
With the release date drawing ever closer, Codemasters has released another trailer to remind players how immersive this year's career mode will be in the racing title, F1 2016. Players will need to take part in the formation lap, keeping their tires warmed to the correct race temperature. If that wasn't tough enough, they will have to perform manual starts on the grid, practicing that black art of finely balancing the engine revs and releasing the clutch at the right moment; too early means a jump start, too late and your opponents will get the jump on you.

It won't only be on the track where the players will be kept busy. Over the course of their career, players will work with the Research and Development Engineer on how they want to improve and upgrade their cars, requiring extra work during Practice sessions. Additionally, players can decide to either upgrade their team over a number of seasons to make it into a title challenger or they can negotiate with their agent to move between teams to work their way up the grid.

Back on the track, race strategy becomes increasingly more involved. For Pit Stops they can choose to have control of the Pit Lane entry, meaning that they have to brake at the right moment to avoid losing too much time, but also to avoid speeding in the Pit lane. Choosing the right time to pit, especially under Safety Car and Virtual Safety Car conditions, may well be the key to gaining a racing advantage.

The video is relatively short and attempts to capture the tension of the race build-up. There's even a nice little nod to the dramatic events in this year's Spanish GP at Barcelona.

Whilst we have had some information about the multiplayer features of the game, some additional details have now emerged about a new game mode for the title. F1 2016 will feature a multiplayer championship that will have up to 22 players competing against each other over the course of a season. It will also allow players to race as team mates or compete against different teams, as well as offering possibilities for league play.

F1 2016 will be hitting the revs and releasing the clutch on the Playstation 4 console on August 19th, 2016.

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