The Walking Dead Season 3 Panel at Comic Con 2016

By Sam Quirke,
At San Diego Comic Con this year, Telltale and Skybound sat down to chat about Season Three of The panel features Skybound Comics Editor Sean Mackiewicz and Melissa Hutchison (lead character Clementine's voice actor), as well as Telltale's Job J Stauffer and Dennis Lenart.

Live from Comic Con

There's a lot of waxing nostalgic about what has gone before, particularly at the beginning of the below video, but we do get a few details. We hear a little about how Clementine's age has changed her character and voice, and also about the new second playable character, Javier, and his struggles to keep his family together. The team also covers a little about how the world is gradually evolving as time moves on since the initial outbreak and teases that the game's characters are getting closer to where the comic book characters would potentially show up, at least geographically. They are remaining very tight lipped about who might appear, though.

In terms of graphics and gameplay, the team has been aiming to perfect the format while remaining consistent with the rest of the series.

As has been mentioned before, the aim is to make the third season a point for new players and fans of the comic series to be able to jump in while still being a meaningful continuation for those who have played seasons one and two. You can enjoy watching the team squirm their way around talking about previous games without spoiling anything. They don't quite manage it, so expect significant spoilers around the 23 minute mark if you haven't played the first two seasons.

The Walking Dead Season Three's first episode is due later this year. Check out our previous coverage if you're hungry for details.
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