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By Brandon Fusco,
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Welcome back to another community Interview! Sorry for the delay since the last interview, but we're back at it now, and the interviews should be more consistent going forward. With that said, hopefully you'll forgive us because we have an awesome interviewee! ItsKrista has a lot to share with us. Enjoy!

Brandon: First things first, what is the origin of your PSN ID?
My gamertag on 360 at the time was Krizta so I tried to get that but it was taken, so I called it ItsKrizta. Then after a year I started buying stuff digitally and realised I couldn't get an avatar picture on my region store, so I started a new account because I'm stupid that way.
Nah, we'll say you were decisive. What about your Avatar? Where does that come from?
It's Ellie from The Last of Us (PS3) but I change my avatar back and forth all the time. For anyone who has me on PS4 or Steam, my picture is a Gears of War-style Rapunzel, which rocks.
When did you start gaming, how did you get into it, and what was your first console?
Although I'm a 90s kid, my family was pretty poor and old fashioned, so I didn't really know about video games until I was at least 8-10. My first experience playing games was when I visited my cousins and played their long abandoned PlayStation. Every time I visited I just played this demo disc with MediEvil on it over and over, trying to get as far as possible. My Aunt later gave me their old Gameboy and Super Mario Land, which was pretty much my only game for a few years until I got a PS1 deep in the PS2 era.
What was your favorite game growing up?
Probably , which was the first Resident Evil I played. I used to play it over and over again on higher difficulties, with different costumes, speed runs, all the stupid stuff we do for trophies, but just for fun.
Heck of a game to start on! Going backwards from that must be tough! Do any of your family members game?
Not particularly. I play games occasionally with my little sister but mainly Kinect stuff.
What pays the bills to fund your gaming skills?
Nothing at the moment. I'm going back to school in September. I applied for a job the day I'm writing this, so hopefully I got it.
We'll be pulling for you! Just remember everything that video games have taught you. Do you have any hobbies outside of gaming?
I hike most mornings or evenings; otherwise I go insane. I'm into music that's way too old for me and watch shows way too young for me (i.e. I have terrible tastes).
Currently rewatching DBZ myself, so... yeah. What is your current family situation? Spouse, kids, pets, etc?
When I'm not in student accommodation, I live with my parents and little sister. I have two rabbits called Pancakes and Flapjack.
ItsKrista 1

ItsKrista 2

Where in the world are you from and is there anything tourist worthy to see if we were to visit?
I'm from a really small town in BC which looks like a cross between Twilight and Silent Hill, which is probably why they are two of my favorite things. There isn't really anything tourist worthy, and it's probably the worst place in the world for shopping.
Have you done anything in life that is worthy of a trophy? What would it be called?
I've probably seen The OC back-to-back at least 20 times, which sounds ridiculous but seems trophy worthy. Don't know what it would be called — probably something insulting.
"That's a lot of orange juice"? If you could play one game for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Most likely Metal Gear Solid 5 because it always seems fun no matter how much time I put into it, whether it be searching for new recruits, building up my base, or just trying to do missions with perfect stealth.
What upcoming release are you most excited for?
I'm not really sure myself, either Final Fantasy XV or Persona 5.
Have you ever gotten really excited about a game and it failed to meet expectations?
Not particularly. The games I get excited about always seem to meet my expectations and I love them. I was a little disappointed with Uncharted 4 when I first played it, but I'm really enjoying my second playthrough on Crushing.
What is your proudest Platinum trophy/completion?
Definitely 's platinum - I and my friends played it for months and got down to the last few trophies, but I just couldn't get "Playing The Objective" trophy. I'd been the top player in Blast at least a dozen times, but still no trophy. Turns out it was glitched, and the only way you could get it was to be the top player in a game that ran out of time. I tried going for it for weeks hoping the time would run out by becoming the top player then hiding so I wouldn't push the score up. In the end, the only way I could do it was to play at 2 in the morning when the lobbies had fewer players. Just found out today that they patched the trophy. DICCEEEEEE!!!!
Have you earned one that isn't hard at all, but was just really fun to obtain?
Probably the Angel Knives trophy in The Last Of Us because it was really magical, and one of the most creative moments in gaming.
The Last of Us (PS3)Hidden TrophyThe Hidden Trophy trophy in The Last of Us (PS3) worth 34 pointsContinue playing to unlock this hidden trophy

What major trophy do you have your eye on, and do you think you'll be able to get it?
I'd like to say the platinum trophies for Persona 4 Golden or Metal Gear Solid 5, but I've put at least 60-80 hours into both of them, which seems mad, and I cannot see the end in sight.
Each of those is a monumental task on its own! Pick your game of choice. If you were to make you as a character, what would your build be?
Whatever game I play, whether it's an MMO, The Division, Zombies, Left 4 Dead, etc., I always play as the medic. If I could make a character for myself on any game, it would be some cool medic character in Overwatch who uses healing ballistic knives like in Zombies.
If you could become a video game character, who would it be?
I'd either be Lara Croft or Batman, but I'd just use my fortune to live like a queen and not try to get myself killed on adventures.
And who would you choose as your sidekick/ bodyguard?
I'd always have the shopkeeper from Resident Evil 4 by my side.
Now that's an interesting choice. You'd never run out of things to buy or sell at a high price. We have had a large number of game bosses over the years. Which one would you least like to face if you were in a game?
Carnage Doc Ock from Spider-Man on PS1. I used to play that game all the time, but could never outrun him.
You are given the power to expel one character from gaming history. Who would it be and why?
Raiden from Metal Gear Solid 2. He almost ruined that game for me.
Are there any types of characters or stories you'd like to see more of?
I'd like to see a game with a female protagonist that didn't have the baggage of "Strong female character" attached to it. She has to be a complete badass and kill a lot of people to be deemed a good character. Can't female characters just be characters?
I think games still need more nuanced characters in general, but women tend to have even fewer dimensions than our generally cookie cutter men. I'm hoping a little more complexity is just around the corner. Is there a certain group of friends with whom you usually play games or speak to in a party?
Not really. Unfortunately, most of the people I used to play with, I've drifted apart from, so I really just play with randoms or just single player.
Have you ever had any bad experiences with another player online?
Not really. When I've played online, I've had a few bad experiences with boosting sessions over on True Achievements before even playing a game though.
Are you a single- or multiplayer type of person?
Definitely a single player gamer now. I used to be a pretty hardcore multiplayer person when Call of Duty and Left 4 Dead were still really big. I still play Overwatch and Battlefront online though.
If you could sit down with anyone in the world, past or present, to play a game with, who would it be?
I don't know any celebrity gamers, so I'm just gonna say the cast of Pretty Little Liars just because I love them and it would be awesome to play a mystery or horror game with them.
If you could reboot/remaster a single franchise/game, what would it be, why would you do it, and how?
I'd love a reboot of Medievil. I still play it regularly, but that game hasn't aged well; the camera is just awful. I haven't played it yet, but the new Ratchet & Clank just looks like a dream. It's one of the most beautiful PS4 games, and it keeps most of the levels and charm of the original. I'd love to see that with Medievil.
If you could choose a game to be announced tomorrow, what would it be? If it's an IP new to gaming, who would you want to make it?
I'd really love another park management game based around Jurassic Park like Operation Genesis on PS2. I'd have the developers of Zoo Tycoon make it. That game has this awesome feature where you can interact with the animals, like feeding them, playing with them, etc., They also made a game called Kinect Disneyland Adventures where you can walk around Disneyland, go into the stores, go on rides, etc. so it would be awesome if it was a blend of both those games so you could build the park then experience it as a guest.
Do you have any awkward game moments where someone walked in on a scene completely out of context?
I play Just Dance and Kinect Disneyland all the time on Xbox, so I have countless awkward moments when people go past. Have you ever been walked in on while you're giving Captain Hook a hug using Kinect?
Which consoles do you currently own?
Xbox, Xbox 360 (2), Xbox One, PlayStation, PlayStation 2 (2), PlayStation 3 (3), PlayStation 4, Sega Genesis, Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo 64, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo Wii U, 3DS, DS, DS Lite, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Gameboy Advance and a GameGear that I just bought but have never tested.
That's an admirable collection of hardware! What is your favorite console of all time?
I'd like to say the PS1 because of nostalgia, but it's probably Xbox One or Wii U because I just love consoles with backwards compatibility.
Tell us about your gaming set-up.
My gaming system at home is a big beautiful Sony TV which is plugged into all my countless consoles on the shelves above. It's a fire trap waiting to happen.

Holy cow, that's a lot of games! What feature do you use the most on the site?
I mainly use it to check what trophies I need to do as most of the time it's quicker to check online than to check on PS3.
Is there anything you would change on the site if given the opportunity?
It's pretty much perfect so only dream things. I'd love it if there was more connectivity between TrueAchievements and Steam like with competitions, but I don't think that's possible. A Nintendo version would also be cool if the NX had some version of trophies.
Favourite PS game?
Favourite Non-PS game?
Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver
Least favourite game?
Favorite PlayStation Hardware?
PS4 at the moment
Favourite Game Developer?
Least Favourite?
DICE, they all seem like bastards on social media
Favourite Game Weapon?
Pack-a-Punched Ballistic Knife and Bowie Knife from Call Of Duty: Black Ops
Favourite Game Soundtrack?
Crash Bandicoot Twin Sanity
Favourite Character?
Lara Croft
Least Favourite?
Pappa Rappa
Favourite Game World?
Silent Hill
Favourite Game Ending?
Final Fantasy XIII or Persona 4
Least Favourite?
If you could make one TV or film maker into a game dev super star, who would it be?
If the folks at Walt Disney Animation were able to make their own Disney game with the same level of charm and polish as their most recent films, that would be amazing.
What is the cheesiest game you've ever played?
Book of Potions or Book of Spells. They are unbelievably cheesy, and the voice actors in both are so condescending you'd think you were watching Sesame Street.
What is your "guilty pleasure" game?
Maybe Disney Infinity because I just turned 24, and I have a cupboard full of Disney toys because of it.
PS VR is coming for $399/€399/£349 in October. Are you in?
I've got it pre-ordered for now, but I seriously still can't see myself using it, so I'm just thinking about it.
Do you have any shout-outs you would like to make?
Definitely a hey to Roster13 and iWantEllenPage, whom I talk to about games a lot.
I hope you enjoyed meeting ItsKrista, and thanks to her for sharing her insight into the rewatchability of The OC. You might want to see someone about that... I kid! Do what you enjoy smile. Join us again soon in just a few short weeks for another exciting foray into someone's personal life!

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