Sony E3 Interview Blowout: Part 2

By Rebecca Smith,
Following seven interviews in part 1, we're back with the remaining seven interviews.

Loot Rascals

Honeyslug is the developer known for making Hohokum, Super Exploding Zoo and Frobisher Says. Now one of the studio's co-founders, Ricky Haggett, has set up a new development studio, Hollow Ponds, and they're responsible for a new roguelike title that is set in a hostile alien world. Players have survived a rocket crash and need to escape back into space, but to do that you'll need to explore the hexagonal surface and defeat enemies to gain collectible cards that offer new abilities. Which cards will you keep and which will you convert into resources that are needed to survive when the game comes out early next year? Haggett provided the commentary during the gameplay demo:

Night In The Woods

Two years have passed since we last heard about this title. To prove that it isn't dead, Alec Holowka from developer Infinite Fall returned to provide the commentary as the game ran in the background. While the team still has a lot to do despite the long development process so far, they're hoping that the game will be available this Fall.

Pox Nora

On the contrary, Pox Nora was one of the newly announced titles to come out of this year's conference. Desert Owl Games' Arthur Griffith provided the commentary on the game that's a mix of turn-based strategy, collectible cards and role-playing. We didn't see any gameplay footage but we did find out plenty of details about the title that will be releasing this summer.

Robinson The Journey European

Not satisfied with sending a single representative, Crytek sent Elijah Freeman and Fatih Oezbayram to talk about their upcoming Playstation VR title. The gameplay showed off the use of the Move controller as the boy protagonist and his robot friend explored a dangerous world that is filled with dinosaurs. The game will be a launch title for Playstation VR on October 13th. The game won't have lasers.


Tarsier Studios even provided matching jackets for David Mervik and Bjorn Sunesson as they talked about their upcoming Playstation VR title. While they didn't explain what to expect from an Institute of Retention, they did say that players will be left to work things out for themselves when they are let loose with the title early next year.

Volume: Coda

Volume released last year to mixed reviews, but that hasn't stopped developer Mike Bithell from creating the "Coda" expansion for Playstation VR. This interview showcased gameplay footage as Bithell provided the commentary. "Coda" will be available as DLC for the game when VR launches on October 13th.

Xing The Land Beyond

For the final livecast showcase of E3 2016, they managed to fit three people onto the sofa. White Lotus Interactive sent Koriel Kruer, John Torkington and James Steininger to provide a commentated playthrough of the Playstation VR puzzle adventure game that is set in the afterlife. Expect the game to be available this Fall.

Here ends the onslaught of Playstation E3 2016 LiveCast. Be sure to stick around here on TT and we'll be sure to let you know as soon as we hear anything else about any of the above titles.
Rebecca Smith
Written by Rebecca Smith
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