The Golf Club 2 Announced: See a Preview and Some Pre-Alpha Screenshots

By Kelly Packard,
According to Anthony Kyne from HB Studios, they had no idea how successful The Golf Club would be when it launched on Playstation 4. Two years later, they've got the prestige of the first game under their belt and have struck up a publishing deal with Maximum Games to bring fans a sequel: The Golf Club 2.

In a blog post, Kyne detailed the improvements that the upcoming title will have over the first game. There's something promised in every department: graphics, gameplay, practice modes, character customization and multiplayer.

They've already posted a few screenshots from the pre-alpha version.

To go into more specifics, according to HB Studios they will now be using the Unity 5 engine, which they say has helped improve the game immensely. There will now be millions of possible combinations with the customization options in the player creator. There is also a new feature, golf societies, designed for players to socialize and play against each other. Kyne goes into more detail here:

We’ve now got golf societies, not only places where you and your friends can hang out and play against each other in tournaments but huge public clubs. (All currency referred to is GAME CURRENCY, not real money)

a) Societies will have club captains that will design out seasons with entry restrictions, prize money and major tournaments
b) Tournament and society entry can be restricted by entrance fees and handicap ratings.
c) Societies will have their own bank balance so they can choose their own clubhouse. The richer the clubs the grander the clubhouse. The luxury of a plush club the status that comes with that needs to be earned to get there.
d) Major Tournaments – Using club size and popularity crowds will turn up for the clubs majors. The bigger the club, the bigger the crowds. The HUD will become more TV like and the commentary will also add to the occasion.
There will also be a fleshed-out career mode, improvements to course creation like multi-level water and placement of the crowd, a full practice range with a driving range, putting green and chipping green, and added features to multiplayer like the ability to play non-friends.

Kyne also revealed that the game has been in development since September 2015. Although there is nothing definite yet, HB Studios and Maximum Games are pushing towards a Q1 2017 release.
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