What to Expect From Deck13 Games at E3

By Kevin Tavore, 3 years ago
Deck13 is well-known as the developer of popular titles such as Venetica, Blood Knights, and Lords of the Fallen. What you may not know is that they've recently become a publisher in the indie-verse as a purveyor of fine indie titles. Today they announced a sample of some of the titles that they will host at E3. Some we've already covered, but some are brand new announcements that might just be exactly for what you've been looking.

The Other 99

99 2

Calling itself the digital Lord of the Flies, players are stranded on a remote island and are hunted by the other 99, a group of savage inhabitants who also have to escape the island have it out for you. It's not just a first-person survival game — the game focuses on brutal combat and clever puzzles to breathe life into a popular genre. You've got to escape, but to do it you may just need to take care of the other 99. Will you?


Obli Screen 4

This is a new entry in the classic party racing genre that takes elements from other party games like Super Smash Bros. You'll race across alien planets and utilize weapons and other powerups while moving at high speed. You'll need to be quick and tactical or else your opponents might just do the same to you. Featuring sixteen player multiplayer, it's sure to recall memories of playing party racers as a kid.

Shift Happens


The game stars Bismo and Plom. They're trapped together and have the ability to switch masses and abilities. The entire campaign is "co-optimal", which I think means best played with a friend. You can also tackle the puzzles and collect coins alone on specially-crafted levels. Deck13 calls it "so cute and so cruel". And you thought I couldn't make it through this summary without a "shift happens" pun, didn't you?

Hover Cubes: Arena


This game is a three-dimensional first-person endless runner where you move faster than Usain Bolt. Deck13 calls it a wild mix of Mirrors Edge and Trials Fusion. You'll need to run and jump and use the power of cubes to get to the finish line. What's the power of cubes? We'll have to wait until E3 for that. Deck13 says that the game is easy to use and hard to master and "can hardly be compared to any other game out there" (except, I guess, the two games to which they compared it above).



Bad news. Lea has lost her memory in this retro action RPG. You guessed it, Lea's now on a quest to figure out what she forgot. The game is heavily inspired by classic SNES RPGs and features modern twists on the physics. The combat system is "smooth and action-oriented" and is built around "an extremely polished RPG system". The story has a sci-fi theme and the puzzles "could easily be part of the Zelda series".

Super Sky Arena


A psychedelic multiplayer fragfest, they call it. You'll face your enemies in dogfights that pay homage to Star Fox. Up to four players will battle it out in "mind-twisting deathmatch arenas" where it'll be important to use powerups wisely to survive and come out on top of the leaderboard. Deck13 believes that this game will be "the perfect break killer".

All of these games will be at E3. The publisher's press release follows the list with "etc.", which does indeed imply that even more titles may be at E3. Perhaps we'll even get some more new reveals? Check back in next week as we bring you coverage on all of these titles.
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