Heart&Slash Dated With Release Trailer

By Kevin Tavore,
BadLand Indie is bringing Aheartfulofgames' Heart&Slash to Playstation 4 later this month and they have revealed the release date along with a new gameplay trailer. Last we heard, the game was set to release on June 3rd, but obviously that hasn't happened.

You play as Heart, a robot who is fighting to keep its identity against the minions of standardization. Along the way, you'll meet Slash, a veteran of this long war. The gameplay revolves around wooing Slash. How you go about it will change the end of each playthrough. You can choose independence or you can change to be finally loved by Slash. Or maybe you will try to harmonize the two. Fear not, the game isn't meant to be a strain on your time and a playthrough can be completed fairly quickly, encouraging replayability.

If you're interested, BadLand Indie has graciously provided a full list of features:

  • Fight using 75 different weapons and 60 different body parts that will change the way the game plays. Teleport, stop time, fly with a jetpack, wall-jump, discover enemy weaknesses and so on. From the trivial to the game-changing, you can try thousands of different combinations.
  • Die and try again. Permadeath means Heart&Slash is not an easy game. But dying shouldn't matter as robots can be easily and indefinitely cloned. Every time you start a new game, the levels you fight through, and the items or weapons you collect, will change.
  • A unique art style that will bring back the memories of game systems long gone.
  • The game will have almost no downtime. Levels are short and brutal, and the game, in a successful run, should not be too taxing on your time (whether you will ever be able to make a successful run is another matter). Ultimately, playing Heart&Slash is not about mastering one system. Instead, it’s about being able to adapt to what you are given and making the best out of it.
There's also a full compliment of screenshots:

Finally there are two trailers to reveal some of the gameplay in action. The first tells the story of the game's initial Kickstarter campaign all the way to the full release, which is capped off with the second video.

Heart&Slash is coming to PS4 on June 24th.

We've got the full list of Heart&Slash trophies - check the list for guides to unlocking them.
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