Double XP, More Free DLC and New Community Mission in Battlefield Hardline

By Kelly Packard,
EA and DICE continue to hype up the October launch of Battlefield 1 with their Road to Battlefield. Two weeks ago, Battlefield 4 players got all of the goodies; now it is Battlefield Hardline's turn.

Road to Battlefield 1

First up, if you didn't already notice it in this week's sales, the "Getaway" DLC is free for Battlefield Hardline on both consoles. It's only going to be free until June 7th, so grab it before it's too late. "Getaway" features four new maps, four new vehicles, new weapons and the Capture the Bag game mode.

Double XP is also currently active in Battlefield Hardline. No end date has been given yet, but based on past XP events that have occurred as part of Road to Battlefield, it presumably ends on June 7th, the last day that the free DLC is available.

There is also "Hotwire Score", a new community mission active until June 6th:

Hit the streets in Battlefield Hardline's Hotwire mode and collectively score 500,000,000 points to get a Gold Battlepack.
The Road to Battlefield events have been occurring like clockwork every two weeks so far. If this continues, we can expect another event in the week of June 13th.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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