New Dead Island Definitive Video Pays Homage to Original, Emotional 2011 Trailer

By Kelly Packard,
Nothing goes together better than zombies and classical music. They're like salt and pepper, eggs and bacon or Bonnie and Clyde. Dead Island PS3 proved this by wowing audiences with its emotional E3 trailer for the 2011 release. Whether the game lived up to its initial hype or not is up for zombie game fans to debate, but nonetheless, publisher Deep Silver has decided to engage players' emotions once again in a new video.

It's described as a "classical ensemble of piano, two violins, a viola and cello, the video showcasing a re-recorded version of the emotional soundtrack." The video was created with "no lighting but only the trailer projected on their instruments while playing."

Dead Island Definitive Collection releases tomorrow on May 31st, and is the merging of the remastered Dead Island and Dead Island: Riptide with all DLC included. The games are up for purchase separately as well. A new side-scroller, Dead Island Retro Revenge, will also be included in the bundle but will not be available for separate purchase. To see the new, upgraded visuals, have a look at some screenshots here.
Kelly Packard
Written by Kelly Packard
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