Super Mutant Alien Assault Details and Screens Released

By Ashley Woodcock,
Announced back in August last year, Surprise Attack Games' upcoming platformer Super Mutant Alien Assault was originally confirmed for "consoles". The team is now happy to announce that the title will indeed be coming to the PS4. Alongside this confirmation, a set of new details and screens have been released.

Inspired by arcade classics and the "seminal Super Crate Box by Vlambeer", the platformer promises to be unforgiving as randomised levels will be presented in a single screen. Your reactions will need to be as sharp as blades as the pace will be at full-throttle as dodging and shooting will both need to be mastered in order to survive. Solo gameplay will be heavy on the action. If you decide to team up with another player, another robot will join the fun and turn the action up a notch.

There will be an endless number of unlockable weapons, explosives, special abilities, perks and defensive moves to check out. The vending machines, enemies and objectives available in each level will also be in random locations. As if the level and its contents weren't already random enough, the weapons or grenades that spawn in the vending machines will also be randomized, so you'll never know what will be available heading into a level.

Here's a few of the highlights included in the game:

  • Brutally random, unforgiving platformer shooting action
  • Countless combinations of weapon, explosive, abilities, perks, moves and side-arms to unlock and master
  • Solo or local co-op play
  • Pumping dubstep soundtrack - wub wub
The new wave of screens showcase plenty of content from the upcoming title, including different menus, options, level layouts, weapons and more:

Super Mutant Alien Assault will now be coming to the PS4 this Summer.

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Written by Ashley Woodcock
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