10 Second Ninja X Coming in July

By Kevin Tavore,
Back in March, Curve Digital announced that the sequel to a 2014 indie darling, 10 Second Ninja X, would be coming to Playstation 4 and Vita. Now they've announced that the title will be coming in July and provided a host of new screenshots and a trailer.

10 Second Ninja X is a game that challenges you to clear an area in 10 seconds or less. To do that, you'll need a good strategy and a firm grasp of your ninja skills. The developer has focused on making sure that the game is fun to replay so that you'll want to challenge yourself until you achieve the coveted three stars on every level.

10 Second Ninja X boasts 60 immaculately designed levels spread across six rich and varied worlds. While much of the challenge comes from demonstrating the dexterity and reactions necessary to traverse each level within ten seconds, players looking for a bigger challenge will want to complete each as fast as possible. Each level is a puzzle, with its hallowed three-star reward reserved only for the genuinely skilled. Three-starring levels requires such pixel-perfect precision, such error-free choreography, that a perfect run will come rarely. But when it does, oh boy…

New features in 10 Second Ninja X include a bunch of new mini games, a host of unlockable costumes, a ghost mode, a new hub world and all-new HD visuals. And once the game’s 60 levels have been completed, players will unlock remastered versions of the original 10 Second Ninja levels, though with the “dubious” content removed in order for it to pass console certification.

If your'e curious about the game, you can check the video out below:

10 Second Ninja X is coming on July 19th.

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