Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics Coming West

By Brandon Fusco,
Spike Chunsoft has announced that they have a new game coming West. Mystery Chronicle One Way Heroics is a forced-scrolling rogue-like RPG, which is a strange combination to try to wrap your head around.

Exploring every nook of the procedurally generated world will result in your demise as a wall of light will slowly creep up on you with every one of your actions. Players will have to decide if they want to stray in pursuit of loot or stick to the path to try to gain ground from the wall of light. Like any good rogue-like, when death occurs the character is lost, but any loot is carried over using the Dream Vault along with points to unlock new perks, NPCs, and classes.

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There will be more than 20 classes at launch. Skills and stats will vary from skill to skill, such as charisma, which will allow you to persuade NPCs to join the party, or the ability to pick locks for quicker exploration.

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There will be a social element to the game as well. Players will be able to share world codes online with other members of the community, allowing others to play the procedurally generated world through which they have just played. This will allow players to explore worlds and even map them out to make the most of the time you have. Not all interactions will be friendly, however, as the game will also come with a PvP mode.

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Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics is set for release on PlayStation 4 and Vita with cross-buy at some point during 2016, and will come with a few special inside jokes for PlayStation fans.

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