DOOM Shows Off Guns, Demons and Speed

By Kevin Tavore,
Just two days out from its official release, Bethesda has released a new single player trailer for DOOM. There's more to DOOM than just murdering demons. In today's video, the developers take a closer look at how players can customize their character to approach the game in many different ways.

First, there's a large variety of weapons. Each of those weapons can be customized to handle how you want it. You can fight from afar with a rifle or get up close with a shotgun. Beyond that, there are research projects and runes. Each of these allows you to customize your character. Want to play faster? Get the upgrade that allows you to perform executions faster. To get all the details and see quite a lot of single player footage, take a look at the trailer:

DOOM releases this Friday, May 13th.

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Kevin Tavore
Written by Kevin Tavore
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